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A Game-Changer for Parents' Peace of Mind: Doona SensAlert

by Vannessa Rhoades 08 Apr 2024
A Game-Changer for Parents' Peace of Mind: Doona SensAlert

At ANB Baby we are continually seeking products that prioritize safety and convenience for your little one. The Doona SensAlert has truly exceeded our expectations, revolutionizing the way parents will approach everyday outings with their children. With its innovative features and thoughtful design, the Doona SensAlert stands to become an indispensable part of the parenting journey.

Doona SensAlert

Why Was Doona SensAlert Developed?

SensAlert Doona was created in cooperation with industry experts and rigorously tested on car seats from leading brands in third-party labs. Sadly, there have been an average of 38 child vehicular heat stroke fatalities annually in the United States over the last twenty years, as well as other permanent damages. The Hot Cars Act of 2021, which is currently being discussed in Congress, seeks to require the use of anti-abandonment devices to prevent such occurrences.

Do these devices save lives? The statistics say yes! Under Italian law, all individuals traveling in a car with a child younger than 4 years old are required to use an anti-abandonment device since 2020. The result? Italy has experienced zero fatalities due to child vehicular heat stroke since the law was enacted. Since its release in Europe in 2019, nearly one million units of SensAlert have been sold. There have not been any reports of SensAlert being involved in a single incident that put a child’s safety at risk. Its popularity is a testament to the product's reliability, as well as the growing awareness of the need for child safety in vehicles. (Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for additional information on hot car deaths.)

How the Doona SensAlert Works

SensAlert connects to the Doona app via Bluetooth. It utilizes a cloud alert system that automatically sends messages and calls to the caregiver and emergency contacts. This technology allows seamless communication, regardless of the caregivers' phone signal. 

If SensAlert detects that a child is left unattended in the car, a three-level alert system is activated.

  • 1st Alert: After 3 minutes, you will receive an alert notification on your smartphone that says, "Warning: Child is still on board!"
  • 2nd Alert: If you do not deactivate the first alert, you will receive a call on your smartphone.
  • 3rd Alert: If the second alert is not deactivated, Doona will call and text message the emergency contacts listed in the app.
A Game-Changer for Parents' Peace of Mind: Doona SensAlert

Doona SensAlert Special Features

With easy installation and an automatic Bluetooth connection, SensAlert Doona provides the ultimate solution for car seat safety via the Doona app. Here are a few of our favorite features of this life-saving device:

  • Compatible with most car seats and boosters
  • Share one device with up to 3 users simultaneously
  • 3 alert levels: phone notification, phone call to smartphone, and emergency contacts
  • Set up to 5 emergency contacts in the app
  • Automatic connection to the smartphone’s Bluetooth
  • Low-frequency Bluetooth signal
  • Notification indicating that the device's battery is low
  • Washable textiles

The Dangers of Leaving Children in Cars

Dr. David Diamond, a psychology professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa, is a leading expert in cognitive neuroscience and has studied the role of memory in “hot car” tragedies. “Forgetting a child is not a negligence problem but a memory problem,” he says. He has concluded that the pressures caregivers deal with in daily life can make memory lapses more likely to occur. “The most common response is that only bad or negligent parents forget kids in cars,” Diamond says. “It’s a matter of circumstances. It can happen to everyone.”

Summertime is especially dangerous for kids. Many families alter their daily schedule to accommodate vacations or other factors, and that disruption in the routine is often the common denominator in these tragedies, according to Dr. Diamond’s research. The problem isn’t only limited to summer, though. Even on days with mild weather, the temperature inside a car can reach hazardous levels within an hour. This, coupled with the fact that a child’s body heats up three to five times faster than an adult’s, poses a significant health risk to kids left inside the vehicle.

The Verdict on the Doona SensAlert: Saving Children's Lives

The Doona SensAlert is a vital device that can save lives. While certain car manufacturers have committed to implementing rear-seat reminders by 2025, it is not currently mandated by federal law. Therefore, having an app or device that provides reminders to parents and caregivers could greatly benefit families and reduce the incidents of children being left in hot vehicles. Until this life-saving technology becomes universally adopted, apps or devices like the Doona SensAlert that prevent these tragic accidents are a must-have for parents and child caregivers. Grab yours today at ANB Baby!

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