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A Smooth Ride for ALL Your Kids: UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

by Vannessa Rhoades 06 Jul 2023

A Smooth Ride for ALL Your Kids: UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

Do you have a growing family and need stroller seating for multiple children? Look no further than the UPPAbaby Vista v2 stroller! The Vista v2 is a premium UPPAbaby stroller that offers the ability to accommodate three children simultaneously. It provides versatile seating options, allowing for two infant car seats, two toddler seats, two bassinets, or combinations thereof. Additionally, it can be used with a standing board for older siblings, and it includes a bassinet for infants as a standard feature. This stylish stroller boasts a sturdy frame, exceptional storage capacity, and a canopy with extensive coverage. We adore all of its user-friendly features, such as the no-flat tires, telescoping handlebar, and improved suspension. 



The Vista v2 is incredibly simple to use. It offers a one-handed fold, a self-stand feature, and automatically locks closed. The Vista v2’s single-action brakes work well and are ergonomically placed, simple to set or release even if you’re wearing flip-flops! Just press to set and press again to release. They’re even color-coded so it’s easy to tell at a glance if the brakes are set or not.

The Vista v2 stroller stands out with its no-flat rubber tires, which are sturdier compared to other full-size strollers. Paired with larger wheels and improved suspension, it offers a substantial degree of maneuverability in most situations. On paved surfaces, this stroller glides and turns smoothly without any issues. While it is larger than some competitors, it still manages to navigate smaller spaces reasonably well. It handles bumps and changes in flooring with ease. Even on rougher terrain and off-road paths, the Vista performs better than strollers with plastic wheels. Although not specifically designed for intense off-roading, it handles grass and gravel found in parks or greenbelts without difficulty. The Vista's handlebar features a telescoping adjustment, allowing smooth movement without any wobbling or flexing. This convenient feature accommodates parents of varying heights, reduces pushing fatigue, and enhances overall maneuverability.

Room to Expand

The Vista 2 stroller can accommodate up to three children by adding extra seats and a riding board (sold separately). By using the UPPAbaby Lower Adapter, it’s compatible with two UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seats or two bassinets, making it an ideal choice for parents of twins. Additionally, the Vista 2 can be used as a double stroller by adding the RumbleSeat. To provide more legroom between seats, the UPPAbaby Upper Adapter and Lower Adapter ensure a comfortable experience for children. Older siblings will enjoy the PiggyBack riding board, allowing them to ride alongside the stroller.


The Vista 2 stroller is designed to be compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, known for its attractive design and user-friendly features. What sets the Vista 2 apart from other double strollers is its ability to accommodate two infant car seats simultaneously. The car seats connect effortlessly and provide a stable attachment. Furthermore, by purchasing adapters, you can also use the Vista 2 with select infant car seats from Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex, expanding its compatibility options.

Special Features


The UPPAbaby Vista v2 offers amazing storage capabilities with a maximum capacity of 30 lbs. This spacious bin is easily accessible from nearly all sides and can handle all your gear for a day out running errands or exploring with your kiddos. The bin’s interior even features internal pockets to help keep little things contained and organized.

A Smooth Ride for ALL Your Kids: UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller


The sunshade on the Vista v2 is one of the biggest on the market, almost down to the rider’s knees when fully extended. It features a zippered extension and peek-a-boo windows with covers that stay put. The handy peek-a-boo window and the mesh ventilation are especially helpful when strolling around on hot days!

A Smooth Ride for ALL Your Kids: UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller


The newly designed 5-point harness offers endless adjustment options. The shoulder straps glide up and down straps on the back of the seat, making a snug, comfortable fit simpler than earlier re-thread versions.


Parents can easily recline or raise the seats with just one hand (even with a kid already in the seat). Easily lean the seat back nearly flat and adjust the leg rest for a comfy napping spot. Parents can also rotate the seat to face outward or turn it inward so that your little one can see you.

A Smooth Ride for ALL Your Kids: UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

Quality style and design

The overall design of this stroller feels high quality, with luxurious fabrics and full-grain leather details. Choose from a full selection of colors:

What Parents Are Saying About the UPPAbaby Vista v2 Stroller

Take a look at what these parents and caregivers are loving about this amazing stroller:

“It is a great pushchair. Easy to push, quick to fold, no issues with assembling and looks very smart. I like that I can clip on the car seat for a quick trip in the shops. The carrycot is deep and has a good quality mattress and the hood has an extendable sun shade too which is great. The basket is massive and can take quite a few bags of shopping. The extendable handlebar is great for my other half as he is a fair bit taller than me so it gives him the option to use the pushchair comfortably. You get the option to add another child to the pushchair so that's great for the next few years. The large wheels make going over different terrains easy and minimal disturbance to little one. I have made a great choice in pushchair.”

“With the hefty price tag this stroller may not seem worth the cost; however, I think it has been worth every penny and then some. The stroller, seat, and bassinet are sleek and well-made. The basket for storage on this stroller is very large and offers plenty of space (I’ve actually used this as my grocery cart). Switching between the Mesa car seat and bassinet has been easy (we have yet to use the actual seat due to my baby being only 8 weeks old). I love the adjustable handlebar on the stroller, it allows for a comfortable transition between my husband and myself on who’s pushing the stroller. The stroller pushes easily through gravel, better than most strollers that I have seen. It is compact and easy to fold and put into the back of my ford explorer along with the bassinet. The bassinet is soft on the inside, easy to wash, and offers plenty of shade (and extended shade) for your little one. If there is any doubt in your mind about purchasing this stroller, just do it, you will not regret your purchase.”

“I have 3 kids; there is a 10-year gap between my middle child and my youngest and if there was one thing I wish I would have had for my oldest 2 that I have for my littlest: ITS THIS STROLLER. Smooth ride and easy to pack up! The bassinet was great for walks when he was just born and for naps when at family and friends' houses! The versatility of the regular seat is fantastic! So helpful to be able to have the baby face you and then be able to just turn the seat around when at the zoo so the baby can see everything. Not to mention the space at the bottom. I have the Herschel duffle diaper bag and it fits with extra space for my purse and all the other stuff the older kids and husband end up unloading on me. It’s simply amazing. I was so hesitant at first because of the price tag but it is worth every single penny!”

The Verdict

The UPPAbaby Vista v2 is a remarkable stroller that offers unparalleled luxury and customization options. If you have no budget constraints, are expecting multiples, or have a large family, this stroller is the perfect choice. With its wide range of accessories, it allows for personalized customization to meet your family's specific needs. Investing in the Vista v2 will bring happiness and a touch of luxury to your family's strolling experience.

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