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A Travel Must-Have: Why We Love the Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag

by Vannessa Rhoades 08 Mar 2024
A Travel Must-Have: Why We Love the Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag

Planning a family vacation with little ones? You’ll definitely want to check out the newest wheeled travel bag Nuna. This versatile and well-designed travel bag will exceed your expectations in every way, making the journey smoother and more enjoyable. From its impressive capacity to its thoughtful features, the new Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag is a must-have for any family on the go. Here’s why we love it.

Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag Is Both Stylish and Durable

Right out of the box, you can tell that the Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag in Indigo is built to withstand the rigors of travel. The high-quality materials used in its construction inspire confidence in its durability. The outer material is a durable woven fabric that is both protective and sleek. The reinforced seams, sturdy zippers, and robust handles ensure that the bag can handle the hustle and bustle of airports, trains, and even rougher terrains without showing signs of wear.

Beyond its functional benefits, the Nuna Travel Bag is stylishly designed. Its modern and sleek aesthetic stands out in a sea of generic travel bags. The new Indigo color and subtle branding add a touch of sophistication.

Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag

Spacious with Lots of Organization Options in the Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag

One of our favorite features of this travel bag is its impressive capacity. The quilted liner inside the bag not only protects your Nuna gear (or anything else you pack along the way), but it doubles as an organizing divider. Interior adjustable straps will keep all your gear in place while traveling. It even has a storage pocket on the outside for quick access to snacks and toys and an expanding zipper for that extra space needed when traveling with a little one.

A Travel Must-Have: Why We Love the Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag

Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag Is Easy to Use

The bag’s overall lightweight design allows it to be carried using any of the three handles or pulled behind you like a rolling carry-on so that you’re rolling smoothly and in style. The smooth-gliding, durable, upgraded rolling wheels on the Nuna Universal Travel Bag are a game-changer. Maneuvering through busy terminals or streets is a breeze, even when fully loaded. The retractable telescopic handle has multiple height options, catering to different users, and feels comfortable to hold. Pushing or pulling the bag requires minimal effort, and the sturdy wheel design ensures stability even on uneven surfaces.

Nuna Offers Protection for Valuables

Travel can sometimes mean exposing your valuables to the elements. The Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag addresses this concern with its weather-resistant and easy-to-clean fabric. (It’s especially helpful when you run into an unexpected drizzle at the airport. Your belongings stayed dry and protected!)

Best of all, the wheeled travel bag includes the Nuna Boarding Pass, an extended one-year warranty that covers the Nuna product you have packed inside, as well as the travel bag itself. Traveling with a little one can be a little overwhelming even at the best of times. Having extra peace of mind on every journey helps you worry less and enjoy more adventures. 

A Travel Must-Have: Why We Love the Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag

Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag Product Specs

The wheeled travel bag can be used with any of the following Nuna products:

  • MIXX™ series frame and seat*
  • MIXX™ series frame and bassinet/carrycot
  • TAVO™ series*
  • DEMI™ grow frame and seat*
  • PEPP™ series*
  • TRVL™*
  • TRIV™ series frame and seat*
  • IVVI™ series frame and seat*
  • IVVI™ series frame and bassinet
  • EXEC™
  • REVV™
  • PIPA™ series + base
  • RAVA™
  • AACE™
    *NOT including infant car seat

Weight: 12.9 lbs

Download the Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag User Manual to learn more.

Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag: The Verdict

The Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag is an investment that offers huge returns when it comes to convenience, durability, and peace of mind during your family travels. It's evident that Nuna has taken every aspect of travel into consideration while designing this bag. From its spaciousness to its thoughtful organization, easy maneuverability, and stylish appearance, it's a complete package that we wholeheartedly recommend to any family seeking a stress-free travel experience. We feel confident your journey will be smoother, more enjoyable, and far less stressful, thanks to the Nuna Wheeled Travel Bag.


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