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Benefits of Shopping for Cheap Toys for Kids Online

by Norbert Shtaynberg 05 Apr 2019

Benefits of Shopping for Cheap Toys for Kids Online

During their first year of life, babies use their five senses mainly to explore the new world around them. For example, they use their hands to to feel the hardness or softness of an object. They put a toy or object in the mouth to check its taste. But, as the baby grows, he will begin to learn the basics of social interaction.

They start to understand how things they see in their environment relate to each other, and including how they smell, feel, sound and taste. Here's a look at a couple of intelligent toys and games that are perfect for your baby's use.

Ring Stacks

Classic toy favorites like ring stacks generally feature a cone which fits a wide assortment of colored rings. Infants will initially enjoy holding and biting or "mouthing" the rings. But, after a while their fine motor skills will be challenged by fitting the rings into the cone by instinct! They can also learn about the different colors and numbers, once they count the colored rings as they stack them (with the parents' supervision).

Nursery Mobile

Babies often like looking at different objects which hang above their heads, while they're lying on their crib. That's why nursery mobiles make for appropriate toys, as they enhance attention span and stimulate vision.


With the supervision of parents, mirrors will allow babies to check their facial expressions and looks. Once the tot sees his reflections, he'll become more aware of himself. That will bring him to also learn about body parts and where these are located.

Push & Pull Toys

Push and pull toys are one of the best toys and games for kids (and babies as well). These help sharpen balance and develop the muscles, and help baby move from being a couch surfer, to a budding walker. And the more babies push and pull, they'll also learn to control their pace, and slowly increase their speed as well.


Because babies are born with a grasping reflex, toys like rattlers are a fun way for helping them determine how long they can sustain their grasp. Rattlers also help them learn cause-and-effect, from listening to the sounds that the rattler makes.

Soft Cloth Books

One of the items that provides infants with a healthy visual and tactile feast are soft cloth books. Such items are very easy to introduce because of their visual appeal. These also make reading fun and easy. For a fact, books are the best tools for widening their vocabulary and language skills.

Shape and Size Sorters

Perfect for enhancing eye-hand coordination, shape and size sorters allow babies to grasp, and feel the differences in shape and forms. Parents could try placing their hand over the baby's hand as they move across certain pieces across the correct spot.

Balls & Blocks

Because little ones like to do a lot of mouthing, banging and stacking, blocks make for perfect toys. Parents could start giving soft blocks to their babies, and then progress to smaller, harder blocks, to develop their baby's fine motor skills.

When shopping for balls, parents should find one that's large enough for their youngster to grab and grasp. However, the parents must properly demonstrate how to roll, throw and bounce the ball, so that the child will learn to develop his gross motor skills.

According to most pediatricians and child-care experts, play is a very crucial part of the child's progress, having an impact on their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Thus, cool kid games and toys for them should be those that appeal to the senses, and allow for considerable interaction or manipulation.

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