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The 10 Best Travel Accessories When Flying with Toddlers

by Vannessa Rhoades 16 May 2024
The 10 Best Travel Accessories When Flying with Toddlers

The best travel accessories when flying with toddlers are the items that make your trip easier and keep your little one occupied. Navigating a crowded airport, waiting in security lines, and sitting for long periods in a confined space make even sane adults antsy. Imagine how a toddler feels! Keeping their toddler calm and busy is truly the goal of any parent’s journey when it comes to air travel.

Tips for Flying with Toddlers

When flying with toddlers, there are a few basic rules for success.

  • Get to the airport early.
  • Bring plenty of snacks.
  • Choose toys carefully. They should be engaging but with few loose parts or pieces. And for the love of all things holy, don’t bring any playthings that make noise. 
  • Have something your toddler can chew or suck on so their ears don’t pop. You may even consider giving them acetaminophen or ibuprofen about 30 minutes before takeoffs or landings if you know your toddler has ear pain when flying. 
  • Bring noise-canceling headphones if your little one needs white noise or silence to sleep.
  • Release any and all shame associated with screen time while traveling.

These tips should give you the upper hand when flying with toddlers, but you know what could possibly make your travels even easier? Maybe something from our list of must-have toddler travel gear and accessories! 

The 10 Best Travel Accessories When Flying with Toddlers

What Should I Bring on a Plane With My Toddler?

1. Stokke JetKids BedBox

Turn your toddler’s economy seat into a first-class travel experience! The Stokke JetKids BedBox is the world's only premium, ride-on suitcase for children with an in-flight bed or leg rest feature. This travel essential combines Scandinavian style and aviation-inspired design with practical features for the entire trip and allows your child to rest comfortably or sleep during long and short-haul flights.

The ride-on suitcase is for children 3-7 years old, and the bed feature is best suited for children over 2 years old. Officially approved by many airlines, this is truly one of the best travel accessories for long flights.

Stokke JetKids BedBox, -- ANB Baby

Stokke JetKids BedBox

2. Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi XT Ultra Caddy

We love the Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi XT Ultra Caddy, a game-changer for parents embarking on travel adventures with their toddlers. This innovative car seat caddy seamlessly integrates with your existing infant car seat, transforming it into a convenient stroller for hassle-free maneuverability. With a simple click, you can effortlessly attach your car seat to the caddy, allowing your little one to snooze undisturbed while you navigate through airports or city streets. What sets the Maxi-Taxi XT apart is its unique ultra-compact fold, making storage a breeze after a day of exploration. Its lightweight frame and extra-large storage basket with zippered compartments provide ample room for essentials, ensuring you're equipped for any journey. Whether it's a trip to grandma's or an adventure in a far-off destination like Disney, the Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi XT Ultra Caddy is your trusted companion, meeting both convenience and safety needs for on-the-go families.

Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi XT Ultra Caddy, -- ANB Baby

Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi XT Ultra Caddy

3. Stokke Crew Backpack

The Stokke Crew Backpack is designed to meet all of your little one's travel needs, whether it's a short trip to the park or an airplane ride to visit family. The Crew Backpack gives your child 68 ounces of extra storage, making room for more essentials, no matter what kind of journeys lie ahead. Made for children to start using at about two years of age, the practical expansion, adjustable belt, and straps mean that it can be used comfortably until your child is about seven. The durable water-repellent fabric makes it suitable for (almost) every type of weather with a pull-out seat pad for added comfort.

Stokke Jetkids BedBox + Crew Backpack Travel Bundle, Green, -- ANB Baby

Stokke Crew Backpack

4. Zoey Naturals Island Hibiscus Hand Sanitizer

Let’s face it: airports and airplanes are germy places. You’ll need a safe, convenient way to sanitize your toddler’s space and hands. Zoey Naturals’ entire line of family products is free of harsh chemicals and gentle on the environment, and their hand sanitizer is no exception. Zoey Naturals Island Hibiscus Hand Sanitizer effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Formulated without the use of harsh chemicals and deeply cleanses without the use of water, this handy little spray bottle is especially useful for cleaning germy hands and spaces while traveling.

Zoey Naturals Hand Sanitizer 4 oz. Island Hibiscus, -- ANB Baby

Zoey Naturals Island Hibiscus Hand Sanitizer

5. CloudSleeper™, JetKids by Stokke

The CloudSleeper™ is the all-in-one inflatable travel bed for toddlers and children three years and above. The best part? It´s small enough to fit inside your backpack or hand luggage. 

This air bed features an integrated pump built directly into the TPU base, with no loose parts to attach when you’re ready to inflate it for your little ones. You can manually inflate this bed in under 60 seconds! Made of a breathable fabric, the soft-touch air mesh cover that comes with this kids’ travel bed helps to regulate body temperature and provide extra support, ensuring a good night’s sleep for your child, wherever you are. 

Best of all, the bed folds into a smart, compact packing cube, which makes it easy to store and carry when traveling. This cube is designed with double-layered zippers, so you can opt to compress the travel bed into an even smaller size when you’re pushed for space.

Stokke JetKids by Stokke CloudSleeper, White, -- ANB Baby

CloudSleeper™, JetKids by Stokke

6. Britax Convertible Car Seat Travel Cart

The Britax Car Seat Travel Cart is a convenient alternative when traveling through airports with your car seat and toddler in tow. Car seats attach effortlessly using the car seat LATCH connectors, the same connectors that secure your car seat tightly to your vehicle. Its compact fold allows it to fit into small spaces, including most airplane overhead compartments. With its durable steel frame design and easy-glide wheels, you can also use this cart with children harnessed in car seats for short travel distances. The raised platform protects the car seat from contacting the ground, while the one-hand telescoping handle adjusts to fit any height caregiver. The Britax Car Seat Travel Cart accommodates all Britax Convertibles and Harnessed Booster seats, and most other brands. No assembly is required.

Britax Convertible Car Seat Travel Cart, -- ANB Baby

Britax Car Seat Travel Cart

7. Tegu Travel Pal Magnetic Wooden Block Set 6-Piece

Tegu Travel Pals Magnetic Wooden Blocks are made for travel, in the car, on the plane, and in the restaurant. This set is easy to pick up and take anywhere! It includes 6 blocks in 2 shapes: 4 triangular prisms and 2 parallelograms. This simple and premium heirloom-quality toy is made from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods and will last for generations. It’s also naturally safe: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish, and no small parts. Curiously attractive and perfect for those seeking toys supporting open-ended and unscripted play.

Tegu Travel Pal Magnetic Wooden Block Set 6-Piece, -- ANB Baby

Tegu Travel Pals Magnetic Wooden Blocks

8. Shylling Mini Magnetic Sketch and Erase

The Shylling Mini Magnetic Sketch and Erase are plastic travel boards that give kids the ability to always have a blank canvas. Draw all you want with the magnetic pen then erase and start over with the swipe of the lever. No mess and no noise, making this toy perfect for air travel!

Shylling Mini Magnetic Sketch and Erase, Blue, -- ANB Baby

Shylling Mini Magnetic Sketch and Erase

9. OXO Tot Adventure Water Bottle

Looking for a way to help equalize the air pressure in your child's ears and prevent or decrease ear pain during air travel? Keep them hydrated! Drinking water throughout the flight encourages swallowing, which opens the Eustachian tubes. The 12-oz OXO Tot Adventure Water Bottle features a patented, spill-proof straw that minimizes messy leaks, drips, and dribbles. The valve opens the moment your tot’s lips touch the straw, so it's easy for kids who want to do it all themselves. The straw lid opens easily for toddlers, while grown-ups will have no trouble separating the two-part hinged cap for a thorough cleaning. The hourglass shape fits just right in little hands. The flexible handle hooks quickly onto diaper bags, backpacks, and more to be within reach on every adventure.

OXO Tot Adventure Water Bottle, -- ANB Baby

OXO Tot Adventure Water Bottle

10. Peel + Discover: Oceans Paperback

It’s quiet, it’s engaging, and it’s educational. Take a look at what may be the perfect entertainment for airplane travel. The Peel + Discover: Oceans Paperback features the world’s oceans using hundreds of stickers featuring puffins and penguins, horseshoe crabs and clown fish, and mysterious deep-sea creatures like the Dumbo Octopus, the Vampire Squid, and more. Peel a sticker to reveal a fascinating fun fact. Use stickers, markers, crayons, and more to decorate the activity pages—make them your own! Once all the stickers are peeled, remove the overlay for a Peel + Discover surprise.

Peel + Discover: Oceans Paperback, -- ANB Baby

Peel + Discover: Oceans Paperback


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