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Busting Germs & Odor: Why We Love Munchkin's UVC Diaper Pail

by Vannessa Rhoades 18 Mar 2023
Busting Germs & Odor: Why We Love Munchkin's UVC Diaper Pail

Let’s face it: diaper changes are a necessary evil. The worst part may not even be the clean-up, though. It’s opening the diaper pail to throw away the used diaper. The odor can hit you like ton of bricks! That’s why an easy-to-operate, self-sealing diaper pail is a must when you have babies in the house. With the Munchkin UVC Diaper Pail, you don’t have to make a stink about dirty diapers. Odor control meets germ control in this sleek nursery must-have that uses the power of hospital-grade UV light to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and germs. 


Why We Love the Munchkin UVC Diaper Pail

LED technology kills germs

The Munchkin UV Diaper Pail uses 4 gold LED lights to automatically sterilize internal surfaces, killing up to 99% of bacteria and viruses including staph, klebsiella, and E. coli. Each time the lid is closed, the odor-causing bacteria are eliminated – without any harsh chemicals or detergents. That’s great news for busy parents who don’t have time to spend scrubbing a diaper pail. Fun detail: while the pail is sterilizing, the Munchkin heart on top glows!

Self-sealing bag feature

Each time you close the lid, the bag turns a little, self-sealing the portion with the soiled diaper. That extra twist helps keep odors contained, even when you open the lid. This makes opening the pail to toss a soiled diaper far less nauseating.

Easy refills

Like any modern, odor-busting diaper pail, you’ll need to invest in refills. Fortunately, the Munchkin UV diaper pail has a bit more flexibility in that arena. It’s compatible with all Munchkin diaper pail refill rings and Snap, Seal & Toss bags, as well as Up & Up and Nursery Fresh refills. You can order the Munchkin diaper refills easily online:



Every time they sell a diaper pail, Munchkin will plant a tree. So you can feel good about buying it!

Easy to use right out of the box

The Munchkin UV Diaper Pail comes fully assembled and includes the pail, 1 USB cable and adapter, 1 UV Refill Ring, and 1 UV Snap, Seal & Toss™ Bag. Simply put in the bags, and you’re ready to go!



What Parents Are Saying About the Munchkin UVC Diaper Pail

Take a look at what parents are loving about this odor-busting, germ-killing diaper pail:

“Had a top-opening diaper pail then I got this one, and it’s way easier! Pulling a full diaper bag out the top is not the way to go! This one opens from the front and I never struggle to get it out ever! I also love the UV light for extra bacteria killer for way less stink!”

“We’re super happy with this diaper pail! There’s a pedal to open the lid and you push the diaper through the lid into the can. When the lid closes it twists the bag shut and activates the sanitizing UV light. Easy. For the bag, you can either use the Munchkin Snap, Seal & Toss bags or diaper pail refill rings,  including the store-brand ones from Target and Walmart! The can needs to be plugged in for the UV light to work and the cord is long enough for the can to be a bit away from the outlet. This can does the trick to contain the smell, which is the most important part to me. It saves me from having to walk smelly diapers to the trash chute a few times a day. We should have gotten this sooner!”

“I’ve used one other diaper pail previously. This one exceeded my expectations beyond belief. The ease of setting it up, changing bags, and the sheer amount that the bags hold is simply amazing! My 2-year-old loved seeing the little heart on top light up when it was working its UV magic. I cannot say enough about this diaper pail.”

The Verdict

The Munchkin UVC Diaper Pail makes dealing with dirty diapers easier, cleaner, and less stinky. The patented self-sealing system keeps the disposal bag shut and free of smells, even when you open the lid. Meanwhile, UV lights instantly kill up to 99% of odor-causing germs. As a bonus, refills for this pail are much easier to come by than some other fancy diaper pails. For parents who are ready to de-stink baby’s room with the chemical-free, germ-busting power of UV light, the Munchkin UVC diaper pail is the way to go!

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