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Comfort and Versatility: Why We Love the Stokke Steps Bouncer

by Vannessa Rhoades 26 Feb 2023
Comfort and Versatility: Why We Love the Stokke Steps Bouncer

The Stokke Steps Bouncer is a premium baby bouncer seat that’s safe, comfortable, and versatile. This softly cushioned bouncer features a unique cradling movement that mimics the feeling of being nestled in a parent’s arms. The quality is high, consistent, and checks off all of the things you'd want in a baby bouncer. 

What We Love About the Stokke Steps Bouncer

Adjustable positions

Developed together with a pediatric physiotherapist, Stokke makes sure that your baby will be properly supported when placed in the bouncer. Every different position is designed to support them in different stages of growth and provide maximum comfort for their size. The bouncer features four different positions so that you can easily adjust it to your baby’s needs. The most reclined position is ideal for newborns. An included infant insert makes the seat uber-comfortable, providing both head and body support for your baby. To switch positions, simply rotate a catch on the underside of the bouncer. The most upright seating position is quite springy, which means that a slightly older baby can get the bounce motion going on their own. 


The Stokke Steps Bouncer can be mounted onto the Stokke Steps High Chair. This keeps your baby close to you during mealtimes (and allows you to possibly eat with both hands). While Stokke Steps High Chair is not included, it’s another amazing investment –  a multi-stage convertible chair that by itself can be used up to age 10. The chair provides great ergonomic seating options for young children and is chic enough to blend in with the rest of your furniture.


The bouncer features a 5-point safety harness made to buckle your baby in by the shoulders and waist. This helps keep your baby safe and stable, even if they get a little exuberant with their bouncing. This bouncer also doesn’t move while clipped into the highchair, another great safety feature.


We also love the portability of the Stokke Steps Bouncer. If you're planning to take it on a trip with you, it's easy to pack and simple to fold completely flat. The bouncer also features a handy rubber fastener you use can use to lock it in the flat position so that you don't accidentally unfold it when picking it up. 

Easy to clean

The Stokke Steps Bouncer cover is machine-washable in warm water. The plastic parts are easy to wipe clean with a clock. You can’t get much simpler than that!

Additional features

Removing the infant insert allows older babies to enjoy plenty of space and comfort in the Steps Bouncer by Stokke. There’s also a fun toy bar to entertain more alert babies. Simply click it in each side of the bouncer, or you can remove it completely. You can even attach your own toys to the bar.



What Parents Are Saying About the Stokke Steps Bouncer

Take a look at what other caregivers love about this beautiful, high-quality bouncer:

“Used every day from the newborn stage all the way to 5 months so far. In the early days, this was perfect for him to sit in when mama needed a break. The fabric is soft and the insert hugged him just enough. Everything on the bouncer is easy to clean. He never fusses over being put into this bouncer. We've even taken it to friends' houses for holiday get-togethers. My favorite thing to do is to attach this to the highchair when cooking or eating. He gets really excited watching us prepare food and loves to sit with us at the table.”

“I cannot say enough great things about this chair. It is portable, stain resistant, good for a growing baby, and best of all, it isn't covered in some horrible pattern like most baby gear.”

“Great bouncer, detachable, you can detach it from the chair and place it wherever you’d like”

“Attaches to high chair with ease, performs exactly as expected/hoped it would. Bounce is good and comparable to other brands. So far satisfied and looking forward to our child using it more (he’s currently 2 weeks old). So nice to have him off the ground if you also have the high chair.”

The Verdict

If you want a lifelike, ergonomic, secure, and cozy bouncer, then the Stokke Steps Bouncer could be the one for you. Though it’s only weight-appropriate for up to 20 pounds (around 4 to 6 months), you’ll get your use out of it if your baby enjoys it. It encourages healthy physical and emotional growth and helps babies stay calm for a reasonable length of time. It’s designed to be used with the rest of the Stokke Steps products allowing you to really get your money’s worth. Stokke has always concentrated on creating premium baby products, and this one is another home run.

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