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Crazy Easy to Use: Why We Love Britax Boulevard ClickTight

by Vannessa Rhoades 01 Apr 2023
Crazy Easy to Use: Why We Love Britax Boulevard ClickTight

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat is one of the best, highest ranking convertible car seats on the market. It’s a cinch to install, making it potentially safer than other seats since research shows that correct installation is essential for preventing injuries in a crash. The ClickTight tensioning and lock-off are convenient, game-changing features. It also offers an easily adjustable headrest harness and cushy padding for a cozy ride. The super easy installation and high-quality comfortable design may just make the Britax ClickTight Boulevard your new favorite seat.


Why We Love the Britax Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Crash performance

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight exceeds Federal safety guidelines as defined in FMVSS 213, which means this seat is considered safe and out-performs some of the competition in an apples-to-apples comparison of results from identical test methods. The Boulevard features a honeycomb-shaped segment at the bottom of the seat created to absorb the impact of a crash. The Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB version of this seat also features a removable anti-rebound bar for when the seat is used rear-facing. This feature helps minimize the amount of seat rotation during a crash to keep the baby from moving too much in the seat. The Boulevard offers EPP foam inserts in the headrest that Britax says help protect your little one in the event of a side impact accident.

Ease of installation

The ClickTight has a rather distinctive belt installation process with a built-in lock-off/tensioner that is practically foolproof, making this seat one of the easiest on the market to install. That means no more struggling with the seat trying to cinch the belt tight enough or twisting yourself into the seat back in order to force it down and tighten the belt. Even threading the belt is easier than with other car seats because once you open the seat, the belt path is easily accessible with no need to thread the belt through tiny openings.

While this seat is famous for its simple, straightforward vehicle belt installation, it’s just as simple to install using the LATCH system. The clip-style LATCH hooks make them a bit trickier to remove, but they function well and are simple to install. The seat feels secure once it’s in, and you won’t have to struggle to release or tighten the LATCH belt.

Easy to use

You can operate the buckle with just one hand and release the chest clip without placing your hand under it. The non-rethread harness features 14 positions and glides effortlessly when you squeeze the handle to change the height (which you can do with your baby in the seat – convenient!). Just pull on the strap until you hear the “click” indicating that it’s tight enough. To release or loosen, simply push a button hidden deep under the seat cushion (where little fingers can’t touch it). The cover is also fairly simple to remove and comes off in four separate parts, making removal fast and effortless.



What Parents Are Saying About the Britax Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Take a look at what parents are saying about this beautiful, convenient convertible car seat!

“I recently received my Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat in Contour Gray. We installed the seat for my 2-year-old who was ready for a forward-facing seat. When deciding to change her to forward-facing, the first thing we thought about was her safety! As you would for any product, we checked for the safety ratings, and they were superior ratings. As we installed the seat, we already knew that based on the weight and the install methods, we felt secure about what we had read. The seat has a bottom section that lifts to allow the seat belt to run through and under the seat section, which made it so secure it wouldn’t even move when we tried and that was before we also anchored it into the back of the seat. The mechanic for the opening of this section requires a twist of a lock, which a child would never be able to do, so it would be nearly impossible for it to ever open up without an adult needing to do so. The instructions that come with it give you different options for what you can use to install the seat so you should definitely read it prior and know which method you are using! We had not done this and it took longer than it needed, but whenever we have to move the seat in the future, we will be able to do it in a few minutes. The fabric of the seat shouts high quality! They are soft and durable but most importantly, washable! Since we have a toddler who now loves to snack on the go…washable is key! The insert of the seat is called contour gray. It is a lighter gray than our previous seat and I’m excited that it will not show every single spill as our darker car seat previously had… Overall this has been a great addition to the needs of our family…the ClickTight seat belt feature is by far our favorite! Car seats are all about safety, and this has that plus a great look and feel!”

“I seriously love this thing. First off, it is bulky but for great reasons. I looked into the technology/safety testing and this car seat is one of the safest on the market which is so important to me. I love that you can use it from 5 lbs +. It doesn’t seem like it would accommodate a baby that small but it totally does and can be used for years after as it is convertible. The fabrics on this are both easy to clean, washable, and also cushy feeling and comfy for baby. It’s also not treated with flame retardant chemicals which I appreciate, as it’s hard to find car seats that are less chemically toxic. I like that it included the optional anchor for added safety. The level bar is great as well for easy visual confirmation of correct positioning. I looooove that it can be used both back/forward facing to get you through that transition. Even with all of the features, it still manages to look sleek and modern. The ClickTight system (my favorite part!) makes it so easy to install, and it saves you the pain of having to manually tighten it with the seat belt. I’ve moved this to and from different cars several times! And despite its bigger size, I was able to install it in a sedan without any issue at all…It really gives me peace of mind knowing my baby is protected by some of the best safety technologies on the market and that it will continue to grow with him for years to come.”

The Verdict

If you’re stressed about installing your car seat properly or have a tough time with car seat installation, then this is the car seat just for you! The Britax Boulevard ClickTight earns top ratings for all types of installation, both forward-facing and rear-facing. This is definitely a seat nearly anyone can install without worry or fear and is a high-quality product that parents will love. 

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