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Double Strollers and City Living: How to Make It Work

by Vannessa Rhoades 09 Jun 2024
Double Strollers and City Living: How to Make It Work

Urban living presents unique challenges for parents, especially those with young children. Among the most common concerns is the issue of mobility, particularly when it comes to navigating narrow spaces with a double stroller. From crowded sidewalks to cramped elevators, finding the right stroller that offers both functionality and space-saving features is essential for city-dwelling parents. To make sure urban adventures with your little ones remain hassle-free, let’s explore a few space-saving solutions and features parents should consider when choosing a double stroller.

How Do You Travel with a Double Stroller?

Traveling with a double stroller can be daunting, especially when maneuvering through airports or squeezing onto public transportation. To ease the burden, look for strollers that offer compact folding mechanisms. Models with one-handed folding systems are particularly convenient for busy parents on the go. Additionally, consider strollers with removable or reversible seats, allowing for easier storage in tight spaces such as car trunks or overhead compartments on planes.

Do Double Strollers Fit Through Doorways?

One common concern among parents is whether double strollers can fit through standard doorways. While some traditional side-by-side double strollers may struggle with narrow entrances, many modern designs are crafted with urban living in mind. Look for strollers with slim profiles and adjustable widths, as these are more likely to navigate doorways without issue. Alternatively, tandem (front-and-back) double strollers tend to have a narrower footprint, making them ideal for tight spaces.

Double Strollers and City Living: How to Make It Work

Does TSA Allow Double Strollers?

When traveling by air with a double stroller, it's essential to understand Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations to ensure a smooth journey through airport security. According to TSA guidelines, strollers, umbrella strollers, baby carriers, car and booster seats, and backpacks must all be screened by X-ray. Strollers that can fit through the X-ray machine will undergo standard screening procedures. However, if a stroller is too large to pass through the X-ray machine, it will undergo a visual or physical inspection by TSA officers. We recommend opting for a double stroller that is easily collapsible for hassle-free security screenings and boarding procedures.

It's worth noting that while some airlines permit parents to gate-check strollers free of charge, others may require strollers to be checked as baggage. This variance in policy extends to fees, with some airlines charging for checked strollers while others do not. If your stroller is gate-checked, it's important to be aware that many airlines will not assume liability for any damages incurred during transit. Therefore, consider investing in a sturdy stroller bag or protective cover to minimize the risk of damage. Always check with your specific airline regarding their policies and procedures for stroller transportation to avoid any surprises or inconveniences during your travels.

What Is an Alternative to a Stroller for Older Children?

For older children who may prefer not to ride in a double stroller, there are several alternative modes of transport to consider. One popular option is a stroller rider board, also known as a stroller glider board or buggy board. This attachment connects to the back of the stroller, providing a platform for an older child to stand and ride along while you push the stroller. Stroller rider boards are ideal for children who want to maintain some level of independence while still staying close to their caregiver in crowded environments.

In addition to rider boards, lightweight scooters or balance bikes can also be excellent alternatives for older children. These options provide a fun and active way for children to travel alongside their parents, offering both mobility and entertainment. Furthermore, backpack carriers or child harnesses can be convenient for shorter distances or crowded areas where a stroller may not be practical.

When considering alternatives to a traditional stroller for older children, it's important to prioritize safety and comfort. Make sure any attachments or accessories are securely attached to the stroller and provide adequate support for your child. Additionally, consider your child's preferences and abilities when selecting the most suitable mode of transport. 

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Choosing the Right Space-Saving Double Stroller for City Living

When selecting a double stroller, there are various factors to consider to ensure it meets your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for a stroller suitable for newborns and toddlers, prioritizing lightweight and compact designs, or seeking the best option for travel or side-by-side seating, finding the perfect fit is crucial for your urban adventures. Let's explore the different types of double strollers available and the best options within each category:

Double Stroller for Newborns and Toddlers

For parents with both a newborn and a toddler, a double stroller that accommodates both age groups is essential. Look for models that offer versatility, such as adjustable seating configurations or compatibility with bassinets for newborns and reversible seats for toddlers. Additionally, consider strollers with ample storage space for diaper bags and other essentials to streamline your outings with two young children.

Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler with Car Seat Included

For added convenience and versatility, consider a double stroller that comes with compatible infant car seats included. These all-in-one solutions simplify transitions between car and stroller, ensuring your infant and toddler are safely secured at all times. Look for models with easy-to-install car seat adapters and adjustable harness systems to accommodate children of different ages and sizes.

Lightweight Double Stroller for Newborn and Toddler

In urban environments where space is limited, a lightweight double stroller can be a game-changer. Opt for models constructed from durable yet lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber. Look for strollers with compact folding mechanisms and ergonomic handles for easy maneuverability, particularly when navigating crowded streets or public transportation with both a newborn and a toddler in tow.

Best Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

With so many options on the market, finding the best double stroller for your infant and toddler can be overwhelming. Consider factors such as ease of folding, maneuverability, and storage capacity. Test-drive different models in-store to gauge how they handle in real-world scenarios, paying attention to features such as suspension systems, adjustable handlebars, and ample storage compartments to ensure a comfortable and convenient ride for both children.

Best Double Stroller for Travel

When traveling with a double stroller, portability and convenience are paramount. Look for compact, lightweight models that are easy to fold and transport. Consider strollers with built-in travel accessories such as detachable snack trays, sun canopies, and rain covers. Additionally, opt for models with durable wheels suitable for various terrains, ensuring smooth travels wherever your adventures take you with your newborn and toddler.

Best Side-by-Side Double Stroller

While tandem strollers offer a narrower footprint, side-by-side double strollers provide unparalleled comfort and visibility for both children. Look for models with independent reclining seats and adjustable footrests to accommodate children of different ages and preferences. Additionally, consider strollers with oversized canopies and UPF sun protection for added comfort during outdoor excursions with your newborn and toddler.

Doubling the Fun with Your Perfect Stroller Companion

Navigating narrow spaces with a double stroller doesn't have to be a daunting task for urban parents. By selecting the right stroller with space-saving features and versatility, you can enjoy seamless adventures with your little ones in bustling city environments. Whether you're exploring the streets of your neighborhood or embarking on a cross-country adventure, a well-chosen double stroller can make all the difference in ensuring comfort, convenience, and peace of mind for you and your children. So, invest in a stroller that fits your lifestyle and watch as it effortlessly navigates the urban landscape, making every outing a joyous and memorable experience.

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