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Enjoy Easier, Cleaner Potty Training with the Ez-Pee-Z Child Seat!

by Vannessa Rhoades 29 Jan 2023
Enjoy Easier, Cleaner Potty Training with the Ez-Pee-Z Child Seat!

Toilet training can be overwhelming, both for little ones and for caregivers. First, there’s getting the timing just right. Then, there’s learning how to keep yourself upright. If you’ve ever been helping a little one who’s lost their balance and fallen in, you know what a setback that can be for the potty-training process!

Fortunately, grown-up toilets aren't so scary anymore with a toilet seat that's just the right size, especially one that has a slow-closing flip-down design that children can use worry-free. The EZ-Pee-Z Convertible Child Seat has a versatile design that converts from adult-size to child-size and back again so that it can be used by the whole family. Featured on the television show Shark Tank, EZ-Pee-Z has revolutionized the way the world potty trains! 


Why We Love the EZ-Peez Child Seat

  • One seat fits adults and children. One seat for every rear end. EZ-Pee-Z is clean, comfortable, and convenient for everyone in the family to use.

  • Makes toilet training easier. Littles ones love that they use the same toilet as mom and dad without falling in! It makes the transition so much easier. All you need is a little step next to the toilet until they can climb on themselves.

  • No more messy potty. Aside from the mess and additional cleaning, having a miniature potty chair next to the toilet can look unsightly. The EZ-Pee-Z eliminates all of that headache.

  • Easy installation. Everything you need is included for a quick and easy installation on your existing toilet seat (works best with elongated toilet seats).

  • Easy to use. With a simple flip of the lid, the adult-size toilet seat converts to a child-size seat making it just the right size for both. The slow-closing lid makes it easy for your child to use unassisted, too.



What Parents Are Saying About the Ez-Pee-Z 

“This design is excellent as it makes the default seat large for adults, as opposed to all others that (because of gravity sometimes) end up being the default seat ready as small for kids.  This particular seat, aside from its design, is very well made and even has a dual rubber expanse screw for installation that makes it work for some older "designer" toilets that are unique.  I have always recommended it to others, well done, thanks!!”

“This product has been a lifesaver in our home. As a mom of three (ages 5 and under), we are at varying stages of potty training. This lid makes the potty accessible for all, prevents hands from touching dirty potty training seats, and BONUS...looks and functions as a normal lid when we have guests over. Potty training has been fun for my son because he loves to flip the lid. I needed to get in touch with the company, and customer service was A++. Do yourself a favor and get the won't regret it!!”

“I potty trained my 21-month-old daughter with a baby potty chair, and within a week, she was ready to transition to using this seat on a regular toilet. Two months later, she's a total pro with the whole process, and this seat has made a huge difference. Durability seems good, and if recommend it to anyone.”

The Verdict

Gone are the days of old-fashioned toilet training devices. With a simple flip of the seat, children can have their very own toilet that is just the right size. When finished, the children's seat flips back down into place and quickly transforms into a regular adult-size toilet seat again. Every family member (and guests!) can use the same toilet seat easily without any headaches or concerns. EZ-Pee-Z has a slow closing lid and with just one press of a button, the entire seat releases making cleaning simple. EZ-Pee-Z is the #1 the #2 business!

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