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Ergonomic, Versatile: Why We Love OXO Tot Splash & Store Tub

by Vannessa Rhoades 26 Mar 2023
Ergonomic, Versatile: Why We Love OXO Tot Splash & Store Tub

Bathing a slippery little newborn is an overwhelming and somewhat scary affair for many new parents at first. Eventually, though, most caregivers get the hang of it and begin to enjoy the experience. During that first year, it helps to bathe your little one using the sink, a bathtub insert, or a tub designed specifically for babies. You’ll want to make sure to choose a product that’s high-quality, safe (no recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)), has the features you want, and is a good value for the money.

The OXO Tot Splash & Store Bath Tub is one of our favorite products for the job of bathing your baby. This quick-drying and ergonomically designed tub is made from sturdy, high-quality materials. Designed to grow with your baby from birth to 18 months, one end of the tub is narrower and offers built-in bath support, eliminating the need to purchase a separate infant insert.

Portable and easy to store, the OXO Tot Splash and Store collapses flat for compact storage. Its 360° swiveling hook also allows you to hang it to dry from your shower head or curtain rod after each use. (That helps it stay cleaner and safer for your little one.) A quick-release, dual-side drain makes for fast and effortless cleanup, even with the baby in the tub. 


How to Use the OXO Tot Splash & Store Bath Tub



What Parents Are Saying About the OXO Tot Splash and Store Bath Tub

Take a look at what other caregivers are loving about this convenient, ergonomic, collapsible baby bathtub:

“We have been bathing our baby in a simple dish basin for the first 9 weeks. It became apparent she outgrew the basin and I had originally registered for this tub. It remained on our registry so I ordered the Oxo Tot Splash & Store tub myself, and it arrived super quickly. the reclined side of the tub was perfect for our little girl, and I love that the stump in the middle would prevent her from slipping under the water. After her bath, we hung it from the shower head to dry. It collapses down nicely and flat and is easily stored in a closet between bath times. Highly recommend this tub for families with new little ones and for anyone who doesn't have space to leave an infant tub in their bathroom between baths!”

“Used this for my first baby and now onto the second. This tub is one of the best baby products I purchased. In fact, my first child, who is 2.5 years old, is still bathing in this tub daily. No complaints about anything. I love that the water can flow out by just pulling out the rubber suction at the bottom and that it accommodates baby positions of all ages. I also love that it can collapse to save tons of space. I had recommended this tub for all our new parent friends.”

“​I live in a small apartment in NYC so space is a premium. This bathtub is awesome! Folds away for storage and is roomy enough for my baby. She loves splashing around in this during bath time. We’ve used this since she was a few weeks old, and she’s now 6 months. We usually place a washcloth for her to lean back on and around the middle area, and this setup works well for her. Cannot recommend this tub enough!”

The Verdict

The OXO Tot Splash & Store bathtub has a smart silicone design that allows it to be folded flat after use. It works best for babies ages newborn to 18 months, with one side meant to nestle smaller, younger infants and the other side designed for older, larger babies (about 9 months and up) who can sit upright on their own. Parents love the quick-action double drain that can be emptied even while the baby is still in the tub. It’s also easy to collapse and hang dry. In short, if you’re looking for a baby bathtub that’s easy to use and easy to love, the OXO Tot Splash and Store may be the one for you.

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