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Explore the Outdoors with Phil & Teds V2 Escape Carrier | Product Review

by Vannessa Rhoades 04 Feb 2023
Explore the Outdoors with Phil & Teds V2 Escape Carrier | Product Review

If you’re a family who loves to hike, you know that you’re probably going to be packing a lot more stuff than just your kiddo. This is where a framed child carrier can be a game changer. Framed carriers give your child added comfort and range of motion while allowing you the flexibility to pack lots of extra necessities (diapers, snacks, etc.). They’re great for babies who can sit unassisted (typically around 6 months of age) up to about 2 or 3 years of age.

The Phil & Teds V2 Escape™ Carrier offers so much freedom for super adventurous parents to explore the great outdoors with their kids in tow. It’s thoughtfully designed with tons of storage space and plenty of bonus features. It even comes with a detachable day pack that allows you to “share the load” with another adult if things start feeling a little heavy on your hike. It also features a diaper-changing pad, removable foot stirrups, a handy rain visor, and a detachable sun shade.



What We Love About Phil & Teds Escape Carrier

Where to start? This pack has a number of great features. We felt like it worked best for smaller kids, around 20 pounds or so. That said, the Escape is rated to a max load of 39 pounds (child + gear) so you could easily carry a child that’s a little larger. Here’s what else we loved about the amazing Phil and Teds Escape Baby Carrier.

  • Plenty of large, spacious pockets, both inside and out. The primary storage pocket is substantial, and other compartments include a base pocket at the bottom, double side pockets to hold water bottles, a little zippered pocket near your little one’s feet, and one for the detachable day pack.
  • Thoughtfully designed contoured shoulder straps make it super comfortable to wear.
  • Both sides of the carrier open up, making it simple to get your little ones in and out. Older children can even get in by themselves!
  • This pack offers some of the best sun protection available on the market with a canopy that covers the sides of the pack as well. The shade is also detachable.
  • It’s not heavy, and it squishes down well, making it easier to store.
  • The included diaper changing pad has its own handy pouch for cloth or disposable diapers. It’s especially helpful if you run into any “blowout” situations on the trail.
  • The cushy “shoulder cradle” is perfect for little ones who fall asleep on the trail.



What Parents Are Saying About Phil & Teds Escape Carrier

Read what parents are loving about this well-designed framed baby carrier:

“Bought this for our family trip to Hawaii and it was a lifesaver! Our 2 yr old loved riding in this thing while we hiked different trails around the Big Island. On the plus side for me, carrying around a 30lb child on your back is not so back with this thing. Some of the extra features make this the go-to pack for anywhere a stroller is cumbersome or unreasonable to use. The removable hood allowed the LO to hide from the scorching sun The rain screen kept her dry during the sudden downpours. The removable day pack allowed us to just carry thing one pack with all the necessary goodies for a day trip without the need for a separate diaper bag. Finally, the space for the hydration pack is key. Carrying nearly 36 lbs all day will make you very thirsty and you will absolutely need water.”

“I purchased an Escape carrier for my 16-month-old son who has outgrown the front carrier. I did some interwebs research and picked this carrier. Unless you're a soldier (me) or hiker (me), the backpack might seem daunting with all of the straps and pads, but you quickly figure it out. My boy LOVES it. I love it because I can safely and comfortably haul a grabby, squirmy 30+ boy without wearing out my shoulders as the suspension system can be modified to put the weight on the hips (where it should be), and the waist belt is thickly padded so it does not hurt my waist.”

“It works! I have tested this on a few hills in San Francisco. My little one is pretty tall and about 26 lbs. we even did a little hike by UCSF Parnassus with some aggressive hills. She seemed pretty comfortable and even fell asleep once or twice. I had a friend help me get it on and adjust the straps with the baby in it. The first few times, I got help putting it on and taking it off. Now, I just use a couch or a picnic bench/table and I can safely do it myself. Looking forward to trying this on a longer hike now that I’ve proven it out on the short ones.”

The Verdict

The Phil & Teds Escape Carrier is a wonderful pack for carrying lots of supplies and little children. It’s well-made, sturdy, surprisingly comfortable for a framed pack, and thoughtfully designed. The extra storage and bonus features are always a nice bonus for hikers, as well! 

For over 25 years, Phil & Teds have innovated and adapted to create a fantastic range of baby products, ensuring they remain top in an ever-competitive industry. At ANB Baby, you’ll find a superb collection of Phil & Teds strollers, carriers, carrycots, changing bags, and much more. Every single product from the award-winning baby brand is beautifully designed and rigorously tested with both children and parents in mind. For every parent out there, the Phil & Ted range ticks every box – easy to use, compact and easy to store away. For your little one, their products guarantee comfort and safety whether you’re at home or on a family adventure.

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