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Give Your Child the Advantages of A Baby Walker

by ANB Baby 13 Oct 2021
Clothing - Give Your Child the Advantages of A Baby Walker

Having a giggling and excited baby running around the room in a baby walker is a pleasant sight for parents. Baby walkers are designed to help babies learn how to walk, and they provide additional stability, which will have them scooting around the house in no time. These devices usually feature a hard-plastic base on wheels and a suspended seat with holes for the toddler to put their legs through. Of course, today’s walkers are not what they were decades ago. There are true benefits for using a baby walker for children eager to learn how to walk. However, there are also common concerns about baby walkers which we will address.


Baby walkers can help with physical and cognitive development when babies are learning to walk:

  • Many models have speed control to tighten or loosen the speed of the wheels, and the resistance they provide prevents babies from running too fast
  • The walker encourages children to start walking by providing them with a level of support before they can walk on their own
  • Babies can get a sense of independence when they are using the baby walker as they use their muscles for movement
  • Baby walker toys are also mentally stimulating for children. The inbuilt toys come in a range of shapes and colors, and the walker gives toddlers plenty of time to figure out how the toys work
  • Walkers keep your child entertained. Baby walker toys keep babies engaged by providing them hours of entertainment

Controversies Surrounding Baby Walkers

There have been some suggestions that baby walkers might delay walking amongst babies as they focus on strengthening a few targeted muscles, which are not enough to get them walking. There are also some concerns about the support that baby walkers provide, which might prevent children from developing balancing skills. As a parent, you might be highly concerned about your child’s walking skills, but baby walkers are just like training wheels on a bike that can help babies get a faster handle on the process of walking by developing muscles before they can move around on their own. Keeping your child active in other ways while using a baby walker can be a happy medium! 

How To Use Baby Walkers Safely

Every tool or device comes with its own set of instructions and safety warnings, including how to use the product and where to use it. It is essential to ensure that the child is placed properly in the baby walker and supervised once they are all strapped in. Keeping the baby and the walker away from stairs, fireplaces, and other obstacles will keep them safe in the walker.

Childproofing houses is an essential task that needs to be achieved when a toddler is in the house. No baby walker can redirect a child if they are running towards the stairs, so safety gates should be installed at the top and bottom of stairs to prevent accidents. Even drawers and cabinets need baby-proof locks to prevent babies from sustaining injuries whether they’re in a walker or not. Additionally, follow instructions about what floor surfaces the walker can be used on to ensure babies are safe in the contraption.

Using walkers safely also requires parents to choose the best baby walker suited to their child’s needs by keeping them entertained. For example, baby bounce walkers can provide safe enjoyment for babies who love jumping up and down, while a traditional baby walker will allow children to be on the go.

Final Thoughts

Walking is an integral part of every child’s development, and baby walkers are another way for babies to develop a firm footing. Using a walker can even be the first step to independence for a baby as it provides support while engaging them in a mentally and physically stimulating activity.

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Give Your Child the Advantages of A Baby Walker

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