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Having a Second Baby? 9 Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry

by Vannessa Rhoades 13 Jul 2023

Having a Second Baby? 9 Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry

If you're having your second (or third or fourth) baby and considering having a baby shower, you might be unsure about whether or not it’s considered socially acceptable to create a registry. The answer is yes! A shower for a subsequent baby is often referred to as a sprinkle (because it’s smaller than a full-on shower), and it's completely acceptable to create a second baby registry. In fact, it actually makes it easier for friends and family who want to give a small gift. 

Second Baby Registry Etiquette

In the past, it was considered improper and even seen as begging for gifts to have a registry for a second baby, according to etiquette rules. However, times have changed, and now registering for a second baby is not only acceptable but also expected. There are several reasons why choosing registry items for a second baby can be beneficial:

  • It helps fill in the gaps. Even if you received everything you wanted from your first registry, you might realize a few items you overlooked or that things have become lost, worn out, or unusable.
  • It gives you a chance to start fresh. If there is a significant age gap between your children, it's possible that most of the baby items have been given away or disposed of. A registry can help you acquire the necessary supplies that don't have a long shelf life.
  • It allows you to replace recalled items. Safety is crucial, and if you have any baby products that have been recalled, it's important to get rid of them and request replacements through your registry.
  • It allows you to make updates for babies of different genders or who were born in different seasons. If your first baby was a boy and your second baby is a girl (or vice versa), there may not be many items in the clothing department that can be reused. Creating a registry, even if it focuses solely on clothing, can be worthwhile. Similarly, if your babies are born in different seasons, their clothing needs will vary. Adding items like bunting, hats, warm outerwear, and mittens to your registry can ensure you're prepared for specific weather conditions.
  • You can load up on diapers. With prior experience, you're aware of how many diapers your baby will go through. It makes sense to request a generous supply of diapers in various sizes to avoid having an excess of one size and none of the others. And remember to include wipes on your registry too.

If you’re still feeling a little gauche about sending invitations for a baby sprinkle, keep in mind that shifting the focus away from gifts and emphasizing the event itself may help alleviate any potential awkwardness. Using wording such as, "Please join us to celebrate and share your love. Your presence is the best gift! If you wish to bring something, Vannessa is registered at ANB Baby," is an effective way to inform guests about the existence of a baby registry while conveying that gift-giving is not the primary focus of the occasion.

Having a Second Baby? 9 Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry

What to Put on a Registry for a Second Baby

When creating a registry for your baby sprinkle, it's important to note that it won't be as extensive as your first registry. You probably have essential items from your previous child that are still in good condition, but there are certain things that are safer to purchase new rather than reuse. Besides, you now have a better understanding of what you truly need and what you can do without. Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorite second baby registry must-haves, both essentials and optional items. (Keep in mind that this is simply a general starting point, and some may vary depending on the age of your previous child.)

1. Diapers and wipes

This probably goes without saying since you know you’ll need plenty of diapers and wipes for a while.

2. Infant car seat

It is essential to have a brand-new car seat for each child. Safety standards and technology constantly evolve, and materials deteriorate over time. If you must reuse an older child's car seat, ensure that it has not been recalled. Additionally, if that car seat has been in a significant car crash, it must be replaced.

3. Double stroller

A double stroller can be a tremendous help if you’ve got two little ones under the age of four years. Take a few different models for a test drive. Practice opening and collapsing them (pay extra attention to how easy or not it is to do this with one hand). Try to determine the amount of storage space available, even when the seat is fully reclined – you'll definitely need it! The stroller should also be lightweight enough for you to easily lift it into the car or carry up stairs if needed. Keep in mind that as a parent of multiple children, easy maneuverability will be even more crucial for you compared to a first-time mom.

4. Ride-along stroller board

If you have an older kiddo who’s not a fan of the stroller but still won’t always walk independently, a stroller board can be a valuable investment.

5. Crib and crib mattress

Unless your crib is relatively new, in excellent condition, and includes all its necessary hardware, it is advisable to get a new one. (It's important to note that federal regulations implemented in 2011 banned the production of cribs with drop sides due to the safety risks they pose.) Besides, your older child may still be using their crib, especially if it is a model that can be converted into a toddler bed. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got a super-firm crib mattress. Soft sleeping surfaces have been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and you’ll want a new mattress anyway for hygiene purposes.

6. Infant carrier

A safe and comfortable baby carrier is a game-changer when you're out with your older child. Even if you had a carrier for your first child, experts recommend purchasing a new one, considering the frequency of recalls over the years. When selecting a carrier, make sure it’s suitable for newborns and that the buckles and closures are easy for you to operate with one hand. Put it on and check that the straps are padded and don't cause discomfort or dig into your shoulders.

7. Bouncer or swing

Having a safe place like a swing or a bouncer to put your baby in while you take care of your older child can be tremendously helpful.

8. Additional baby monitor

Many parents register for a second baby monitor. Audio and video baby monitors allow you to take a break while knowing both your children are safe. They’re essentially an extra set of eyes and ears that clue you in when disruptions occur and allow you to relax with confidence, knowing that if either child is in trouble, you’ll be notified immediately.

9. Gift cards

Gift cards may be the most helpful gift of all! You can use these to fill in the gaps with anything you may still need for the new little one. ANB Baby gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Plus, our gift cards have no additional processing fees!


The Takeaway

Celebrating every baby is a special occasion! It's likely that your loved ones will be excited to shower your new baby with gifts, and having a second baby registry will assist them in selecting items that you genuinely need and will make use of. Take a little time to evaluate your existing baby products and make some thoughtful decisions about what you'll require for your second baby. And congratulations on your new addition!

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