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Hop Into Fun! See Manhattan Toy Company's Spring Collection

by Vannessa Rhoades 11 Mar 2024

Hop Into Fun! See Manhattan Toy Company's Spring CollectionAs the vibrant colors of spring begin to bloom, so does the excitement surrounding ANB Baby's latest addition: the Springtime Toy Collection from Manhattan Toy Company. With Easter just around the corner, these whimsical toys promise to infuse playtime with boundless joy and imagination.

Discover Manhattan Toy Company

Manhattan Toy Company, a leader in innovation in the world of childhood play, has crafted inspired toys for early development for years. Rooted in the belief that play is fundamental to a child's cognitive, emotional, and social growth, Manhattan Toy Company's award-winning portfolio of over 500 products reflects their commitment to quality and creativity. Their toys are renowned for their safety, sustainability, and captivating designs.

Springtime Toys: Perfect Easter Gifts

This spring, ANB Baby is pleased to offer the perfect selection of Manhattan Toy Company gifts for Easter and beyond. From cuddly companions like Snuggle Bunnies Willow to interactive sets like the Cottontail Cottage Bunny Hutch Playset, each toy sparks imagination and fosters developmental growth. With Manhattan Toy, every playtime becomes an opportunity for discovery and delight, making these toys the ideal Easter gifts for children of all ages.

Manhattan Toy Snuggle Bunnies Willow: Your Perfect Plush Companion

Introducing Manhattan Toy Snuggle Bunnies Willow, the epitome of plush perfection! With a luxuriously soft exterior and a sweet expression that melts hearts, Willow is more than just a stuffed bunny; she's a cherished friend. Adorned in a soothing beige hue with creamy white accents on her inner ears, foot pads, and tail, Willow exudes charm and comfort in equal measure. Measuring 12 inches tall when seated and 15 inches head to toe, Willow boasts two-tone floppy ears, embroidered accents, and heat-sealed plastic eyes for safety. Her under-stuffed design and extra-long ears make her the ultimate snuggle companion, while her lightly weighted bottom ensures she sits nicely wherever she goes. Soft as a cloud and gentler than freshly fallen snow, Willow's plush fabric invites endless cuddles and reassurance. Beyond her undeniable softness, Willow promotes self-comforting and empathy, providing solace and companionship in a sometimes daunting world. Perfect for bunny lovers of all ages, Willow transcends seasons and occasions, offering a timeless gift that brings joy and comfort to hearts young and old. With Manhattan Toy's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Willow embodies the essence of softness, sweetness, and enduring companionship.


Manhattan Toy Snuggle Bunnies Willow

Manhattan Toy Enchanted Forest Wooden Stacking Blocks: A Whimsical Journey in Play

Embark on a magical journey of discovery with the Manhattan Toy Enchanted Forest Wooden Stacking Blocks. This enchanting 12-piece set offers far more than mere stacking—it's a gateway to a world of imagination and learning. Comprising six wood blocks adorned with colorful acrylic panels and six coordinating wood shapes, this set invites little ones to stack, sort, and explore to their heart's content. Each block is a treasure trove of surprises, featuring unique illustrations and features on every side, from numbered quantities and woodland scenes to shaped cut-outs and transparent-colored acrylic windows. As children engage with these captivating blocks, they hone motor skills, explore cause-and-effect relationships, and delve into cognitive and language development. Crafted with alluring kid-friendly designs and safety-rated for children 12 months and older, the Enchanted Forest Wooden Stacking Blocks offer endless opportunities for creative play and skill-building, making them a cherished addition to any toy collection.

Manhattan Toy Enchanted Forest Wooden Stacking Blocks

Manhattan Toy Toadstool Bowling Set: An Adorable Twist on Classic Fun

Bring the thrill of the bowling alley to your own backyard with the Manhattan Toy Toadstool Bowling Set. This charming set promises hours of active entertainment for children of all ages, indoors or out. Featuring six numbered fabric toadstool pins, a wooden ball, and a convenient storage bag, this game is perfect for family gatherings, picnics, or special occasions. As children take turns rolling the ball and aiming to knock down the most pins, they engage in friendly competition and develop crucial motor skills, cooperation, and social learning abilities. Standing approximately 6.25 inches tall, the colorful fabric pins add a delightful touch of whimsy to every play session, while the natural wood ball ensures smooth and satisfying rolls. With no batteries or technology required, the Toadstool Bowling Set offers timeless fun that encourages active play and interpersonal interaction. Whether indoors or out, this enchanting game is sure to become a beloved addition to your family's playtime repertoire.

Manhattan Toy Toadstool Bowling Set

Manhattan Toy Cottontail Cottage Bunny Hutch Playset: A Wonderland of Spill and Fill Play

Hop into a world of whimsy with the Manhattan Toy Cottontail Cottage Bunny Hutch Playset. This delightful 4-piece set invites little ones to explore the joys of spill-and-fill play, featuring a charming hutch and three soft bunny rattles. The colorful bunny hutch beckons with its easy-to-open roof and door, offering endless opportunities for sensory exploration and imaginative fun. As children interact with this nature-inspired toy, they develop crucial motor control, cause-and-effect learning, hand-eye coordination, and object permanence skills. Crafted with care and thoughtfully designed, the Cottontail Cottage doubles as an educational tool, with graphics that help kids learn to quantify numbers 1 to 4. With its durable construction and safety-rated design for ages 9 months and up, this tactile wonder promises hours of safe, enchanting play for the little ones in your life.

Manhattan Toy Cottontail Cottage Bunny Hutch Playset

Easter Cheer: Manhattan Toy Company’s Springtime Collection Awaits!

As the season of renewal unfolds, let the Springtime Toy Collection by Manhattan Toy Company be your gateway to endless adventures and cherished memories. With a steadfast commitment to quality, creativity, and child development, Manhattan Toy continues to redefine the essence of play. Embrace the joy of discovery and imagination with Manhattan Toy, where every toy is a testament to the power of play.

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