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How To Choose The Best Toys For Your Child

05 Apr 2019

Bringing up a baby in the right way is the foremost concern of a parent. A mother is constantly striving to ensure that she does the right thing for her baby in terms of baby care. In addition, it is a priority to ensure that the baby meets all the developmental milestones on time. Though each baby is unique and different, there are certain steps that can be taken by a parent, especially a mother to ensure that the growth of the baby is on the right track. One of the most important choices that a mother has to make to usher in a phase of healthy growth and development of the baby is to choose the right set of toys for the baby.

Toys play a vital part in the growth years of the baby. Apart from being a principal source of entertainment for the baby, the toys play a formidable role in the development of the various skills of the baby. Therefore, it is of utmost important that you choose the toys of the baby with deliberate care and plenty of thought.

Let's now delve into some of the key skills areas of the baby and understand how they can be developed with the right choice of toys.

Creative and Cognitive Skills of the baby- Give your baby a set of toys that help in building the imagination of the baby. For instance, toys like building blocks, shape sorters, doll houses, toy tools etc. help in giving wings to your baby's imagination. Your baby will be able to explore ways to put the blocks together and in the due course will learn about different shapes. You will be amazed to see the different shapes that you baby develops on account of his imagination though you might have not told him about those shapes at all. The cognitive skills of your baby can be developed with the help of some toys shaped in the form of real life objects like plates, glasses, mobile phones etc.

Motor Skills- Develop the motor skills of your baby with the help of some toys. For instance, pull along toys are great for a baby who has just begun to stand on his own as these kind of toys can motivate your baby to walk. If you place a ball at a distance and want your baby to reach it by overcoming a few obstacles that you place on his way with the help of some pillows and cushions will help in developing the motor skills of your baby. Toys that move and can be followed by the baby while they are moving are great to build the muscles of the hands and legs of your baby thereby, improving his motor skills.

Problem Solving Skills- As your baby reaches the age of 8 months, introduce him to some puzzles and shape sorters that can help in building the problem solving skills of your baby. Once he learns to put the various pieces of the puzzles together or stacks the toys of the same shape together, you will know that he is able to figure his way out through difficult situations. Toys like nesting blocks, cubes and cups are great in building the logical thinking of your baby as they understand that a smaller cube can be stacked over a larger cube, however, a larger cube will cover the smaller cube so on and so forth.

Safety Tips for choosing toys for your baby

Apart from ensuring that you build the right set of skills for your baby, it is also important to ensure that the toys that you choose for your baby are safe.

So opt for toys that are free of BPA and other toxic elements so that they are safe for your baby.

Do not give toys to your baby that can be disintegrated into parts that are smaller than 3 centimeters in width and 6 centimeters in length as they tend to pose choking hazards for the baby.

In addition, ensure that the battery compartments of the battery driven toys are tightly secured so that the baby is not able to open them to fiddle with the batteries. The liquid in the batteries is harmful for the baby.

Avoid toys like marbles, coins, etc. as they are small enough to cause choking hazards for the baby.

Ensure that the soft toys that you choose for your baby are washable so that they can be cleaned to avoid accumulation of disease causing infections.

So follow the above mentioned tips and get some of the best toys for your baby that aid in the growth and development of your baby.

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