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How to Swaddle a Baby

by ANB Baby Sales 28 Apr 2022

Swaddling a baby helps them sleep better and protects them against a startle reflex that every baby is naturally born with. Moreover, it is an excellent technique for inducing self-soothing in the baby.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to swaddle a baby.

Why Swaddle a Baby?

Baby swaddle seems like a chore if you must do it every night. However, it can help your baby sleep longer and prevent scratching their face. Moreover, it also keeps the baby on its back without tossing and turning.

Why do babies like to be swaddled so much? A baby swaddle wrap soothes the baby and prevents the startling reflex. It is an excellent way to induce self-soothing in the baby.

How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddling a baby is easy. Pick from your collection of baby swaddle blankets and lay it on top of a flat surface in a diamond shape. Fold the top edge of the diamond to create a triangular shape. Lay your baby on the blanket with shoulders a little below the fold.

Set the baby's right arm next to the body and is slightly bent. Pull the blanket over the right arm and tuck it under the baby. Keep the left arm free.

Take the lower edge of the blanket and cover the baby's feet. Grab the remaining fabric and tuck it over the body. Similarly, take the left end of the blanket and cover the baby's body (while also covering the baby's left arm) and tuck it underneath the body. And you're done.

How Long Do You Swaddle a Baby?

Generally, it is recommended to swaddle your baby from birth till they are two months old or start showing signs that they don't want to be swaddled anymore.

When Do You Stop Swaddling a Baby?

One of the major signs babies don't want to be swaddled is when they start rolling on their tummy. Moreover, if the baby starts to kick off the blanket when asleep or awake, you must stop using the baby sleep swaddle technique as it can create a strangling or choking hazard.

Best Baby Swaddle

If you're looking for the best baby swaddle, check out this guide on different types of baby swaddles. You can also choose from our top three picks of the best baby swaddles:

  1. ERGOBABY Swaddle Wrap (Original Swaddler): If you want an airy, lightweight baby swaddle sack, the Ergobaby's Original Swaddler is a great option. It also comes in a different color and pattern with the same functionality. You can check it out here.
  2. Love To Dream Swaddle UP Lite, Grey: It is the perfect swaddling product that doesn't overheat the baby. The product features a cool and light fabric, ideal for summers.
  3. Aden & Anais Infant Boutique Classic Swaddle Blankets, Forest Fantasy, 4-pack: The 4-pack swaddle blanket set can serve multiple purposes. It can be used as a swaddle, burp cloth, stroller cover, and blanket.

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