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Invidyo: World’s Smartest Video Baby Monitor | Product Review

by Vannessa Rhoades 30 Sep 2022
Invidyo Video Baby Monitor

Have a new baby on the way? You may be a little overwhelmed with all the baby gear and gadgets on the market. But we’re here to tell you that the Invidyo Smart Baby Monitor is a must-have. This best-in-class baby monitor is chockful of top-of-the-line features and A.I. technology for parents who don’t want to miss a thing.


How It Works

Install the baby monitor in your preferred location. Next, download the Invidyo app to your smartphone (you’ll need to activate your subscription) and create an account. Then, turn on the power, connect your new baby monitor to your home Wi-Fi network (wired or wireless connection option available), and scan a QR code. You’re now ready to enjoy all the fantastic features of the Invidyo baby camera, such as:

  • Two-way communication
  • Remote pan and tilt function
  • 130° rotating HD camera
  • Temperature sensor
  • A.I.-based cry and smile detection
  • Lullabies and white noise feature
  • Private photo album
  • Push notifications

Why We Love It

The Invidyo baby monitor is a great way to get peace of mind when you can't be by your baby’s side. Invidyo constantly monitors your little one’s well-being and notifies you when something is not right. It also provides daily statistics and compares your child's data with the past to alert you of any changes or unexpected patterns.

It’s super accessible – whenever, wherever.

You can access your baby monitor feed on the go from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. You can even use an Amazon Echo Show as a screen replacement!

accessible Invidyo

You can rotate the camera from the app to see the entire room.

Invidyo has a wide-angle lens that enables you to see the entire room without needing to move the camera. But what if you do need to see something over in another corner? No problem! Just swipe your finger on the app and Invidyo will pan or tilt so that you can focus on any part of the room you want.

Invidyo wide angle view

It’s secure.

Videos are sent and stored with bank-level security from your camera to our servers and back to your smartphone or web browser. Your recordings are encrypted so that only you can access them. Invidyo also allows multiple parent access to the application or web portal with the proper login.

It helps you detect patterns in your baby’s behavior and provides a daily summary.

The Invidyo baby monitor sends you a notification when your baby coughs or cries, but it doesn’t stop there. It calculates the total number of coughs and cries and durations of crying episodes. You can also enter your child's sleep information easily with just a few clicks, then use Invidyo’s intuitive graphs to keep tabs on your child's sleep patterns and make sure that they’re getting enough rest. Invidyo presents a daily summary of this data so that you can understand whether everything is on track or if you need to take action to soothe your baby or consult a pediatrician.

Invidyo Cry Counts and Sleep Graphs

You can see and record amazing HD-quality footage, even in the dark.

Invidyo provides crystal clear video even when there is virtually no ambient light so you can watch your little one sleep throughout the night. This feature also helps Invidyo compile their night summary videos! In addition, the camera’s A.I. detects when your baby is smiling and captures those images to a folder, which you can see directly in the smartphone app. Simply download or share the image(s) with family and friends.

Invidyo night vision

It tells you how warm or cool your baby’s room is.  

The thermostat feature is one of our favorites because it takes some of the guesswork out of trying to figure out why your baby is upset. With Invidyo, you no longer have to wonder if your baby is too hot or cold. You can even set a low and high-temperature alert and enable push notifications or email whenever the temp is out of bounds.

You can easily soothe your baby with your voice, lullabies, or white noise.

The Invidyo monitor allows you to hear and speak with your baby in real time from anywhere through the smartphone application. If you need to console your baby, you can choose from a selection of lullabies or white noise from the app to play through the camera’s speaker.

Invidyo soothing 2-way communication

It grows with your family.

Invidyo is an amazing baby monitor and nanny camera when your child is little. But even as your kids get older, this monitor continues to be a great investment in your family’s safety and security. As your little one becomes mobile, the motion detection can notify you when they up and about. Invidyo’s facial detection feature can send an alert when a specific family member is detected, perhaps an older child coming home from school. Invidyo acts as a general-purpose home security monitor, and through notifications and event recording, it ensures you capture any suspicious activity.

The Verdict

Invidyo is an amazing baby monitor that allows parents to track the well-being of their children, helps them make sure that their kids are getting enough sleep, and are healthy and happy. It offers a ton of high-end features at an affordable price and can also be used long-term as a home security monitor, making it an excellent investment. We give this monitor two thumbs up – add it to your ANB Baby Registry or gift it to someone you love!

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