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Making Exercise Fun: Why We Love the Cybex Zeno Bike Trailer

by Vannessa Rhoades 22 Jul 2023
Making Exercise Fun: Why We Love the Cybex Zeno Bike Trailer

Cybex has truly taken a leap forward in catering to active parents with their exceptional multisports trailer. The innovative Cybex Zeno bike trailer offers versatility beyond expectations. Not only does it function as a conventional running pushchair with its handlebar, but you can also enhance its capabilities by using the Pull Running Kit for hands-free running and the Cycling Kit to transform it into a bike trailer. The Cybex Zeno recognizes the challenges of finding time for exercise after having kids and enables you to include them in your active endeavors. With the Zeno, you can bring your little ones along for the ride, making exercise a fun and inclusive experience for the whole family.


Sturdy, High-Quality Design

The Zeno is specifically crafted for use on flat terrains and features a lightweight aluminum frame. Despite its large size as a multisports trailer, it weighs just 13kg, comparable to many other available pushchairs. However, with the Zeno, you're getting a multifunctional trailer that offers much more.

Once assembled, you'll truly appreciate the distinctiveness of the Cybex Zeno compared to anything else on the market. Its futuristic styling exudes a sense of speed and durability, giving the impression that it's ready to tackle any adventure with style.

To ensure a seamless journey with your little one, the Zeno features three spacious 20" air-filled tires, allowing for optimal pushing or pulling. While there is a slight risk of puncture associated with air tires, that risk should be minimal on paths and roads, not to mention you’ll enjoy a far smoother ride far. The rear wheels feature visible suspension with color-coded springs, providing added comfort. The front wheel is permanently fixed in position, making it ideal for running. 

Adjustable and Ergonomic

The Cybex Zeno also offers adjustable cabin height depending on the mode you're using. By sliding the white lever on the back axle with your foot, you can easily switch between the higher position for push running and the lower position for pull running or as a bike trailer. This adjustment effectively shifts the center of gravity, optimizing performance for your chosen sport mode.

The handlebar of the Zeno is another standout feature, boasting a distinctive rounded and ergonomic shape. We found it particularly convenient for one-handed steering during walks or push running. It can be adjusted in height by lifting the white flap and pulling it up or down. Additionally, a wrist strap is connected to the handlebar, ensuring that the trailer remains connected to you at all times.

Making Exercise Fun: Why We Love the Cybex Zeno Bike Trailer

Besides the foot brake located near the back right wheel, there is also a hand brake available. Positioned slightly off-center on the handlebar, the hand brake is designed to be squeezed with your right hand, allowing for precise speed control that matches your pace. We found this feature highly useful during runs, and it also comes in handy when going downhill.

Believe it or not, switching between the four different modes on the super versatile Zeno is surprisingly easy. Cybex has incorporated a clever multisport adaptor point at the front of the trailer, allowing you to effortlessly slide in and out the required component. This means you can smoothly transition between running, biking, or walking, making it incredibly convenient for a day out with multiple activities. Furthermore, the Zeno prioritizes safety by featuring reflective detailing along its sides. This ensures that you remain visible and safe when you're out and about in low-light conditions, providing an added layer of protection for you and your little one.

Making Exercise Fun: Why We Love the Cybex Zeno Bike Trailer

Comfy and Cozy

One of the standout features of the Zeno is its ability to provide warmth, dryness, and protection for your child inside the cabin. Instead of a conventional canopy or hood, the Zeno offers complete enclosure, ensuring that your little one is covered from above, at the front, and on the sides. Even on hot days, there's no need to worry, as the stroller is equipped with mesh ventilation panels on all sides to facilitate airflow. Additionally, it comes with a dedicated rain cover, enabling you to embark on your sporting adventures regardless of the weather conditions.

The mesh cover at the front of the Zeno can be fully zipped up or left open and neatly tucked into the small pocket at the top. When closed, it still allows ample air circulation while effectively protecting your child from insects. They’ve also included a solid-piece sun shield that can be pulled down halfway and securely fastened with Velcro to help shield your child from the sun's rays.

The sport seat of the Zeno prioritizes your child's comfort with its thick padding, contoured design, and tall backrest height. Despite its softness, the seat material is also durable and can be easily wiped down when needed. To ensure your child's safety and security, the Zeno is equipped with a 5-point harness and buckle. The straps of the harness are padded, offering an extra layer of comfort while keeping your child firmly and securely in the seat.

Making Exercise Fun: Why We Love the Cybex Zeno Bike Trailer


While the Zeno lacks a dedicated storage basket for your essential items, Cybex has incorporated a convenient pocket on the back of the seat. This pocket is spacious enough to accommodate your rain cover, keys, phone, or purse, and it features a drawstring fastener for secure closure. Additionally, there is a smaller pocket on the inside of the seat for storing other items. Inside the cabin of the Zeno, you'll find two netted pockets on each side. These pockets provide excellent storage options, allowing you to keep additional items or provide space for your little adventurer to carry their own belongings during their travels. It's a perfect spot for drinks, snacks, or toys, ensuring easy accessibility and organization.

Making Exercise Fun: Why We Love the Cybex Zeno Bike Trailer

The Verdict

The Cybex Zeno offers remarkable versatility, making it a perfect fit for active families who still want to enjoy activities like running, biking, and skiing even after their little one arrives. The Zeno effectively combines multiple pieces of equipment, eliminating the need for separate bike trailers and running pushchairs. For runners, it offers a significant advantage of hands-free running while maintaining a natural and comfortable experience for both parent and child. It’s also fantastic as a bike trailer, especially for families who frequently embark on cycling adventures. Zeno's design pays great attention to the comfort of both the child and the adult, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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