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Meet the Nuna TRVL Dubl: Your New Superpower in Parenting

by Vannessa Rhoades 27 Jun 2024
Meet the Nuna TRVL Dubl: Your New Superpower in Parenting

As your family grows, so do the demands on your time and energy. From magical moments to unexpected challenges, caring for multiple children sometimes feels as though it requires you to summon superhuman strength. That’s why we love the Nuna TRVL Dubl, the side-by-side double stroller designed to be your new superpower. This innovative stroller seamlessly integrates into the dynamic rhythm of your life, ensuring that your adventures with your little ones are comfortable, safe, and stylish. Let’s take a closer look at the amazing features of the Nuna TRVL Dubl and why we think it’s the perfect choice for expanding families. 

Nuna TRVL Dubl

Nuna TRVL Dubl Review: Comfort and Versatility in One Package

The Nuna TRVL Dubl excels in delivering unparalleled comfort and versatility for families on the go. Designed to seat two children side-by-side, it effortlessly adapts to the varying needs of growing families. From its travel system readiness to its lightweight, easy-fold design, every feature is crafted to simplify your life while providing the utmost comfort for your little ones. 

Nuna TRVL Dubl Comfortably Seats Two Children

The Nuna TRVL Dubl is designed to accommodate two children side-by-side from birth up to 50 lbs per seat. This ensures that your growing family can travel together with ease, whether you're navigating busy city streets or enjoying a leisurely stroll in the park. The stroller's side-by-side design brings your little explorers closer together, fostering a sense of companionship and shared adventure.

Nuna TRVL Dubl Is Travel System Ready

The Nuna TRVL Dubl is travel system ready, allowing you to attach any PIPA™ series infant car seat to the wider seat without the need for an adapter. This feature makes it incredibly convenient for parents with newborns and toddlers, enabling smooth transitions from car to stroller and vice versa.

Easy Folding and Portability for the Nuna TRVL Dubl Stroller

One of our favorite features of the Nuna TRVL Dubl is its easy folding mechanism. With just one hand, you can fold the stroller and have it stand on its own, making storage and transportation a breeze. Weighing in at just 25.2 lbs, this lightweight double stroller is easy to tote using the armbar, even when folded.

Meet the Nuna TRVL Dubl: Your New Superpower in Parenting

Safety First: Nuna TRVL Dubl Offers Peace of Mind for Parents

The Nuna TRVL Dubl is equipped with advanced safety features designed to give parents complete peace of mind. From its self-guiding MagneTech secure snap™ buckles to the quick-engaging rear-wheel braking system, every aspect of this stroller is crafted to ensure your little ones are secure and comfortable. Let’s look at the specific safety features that make the Nuna TRVL Dubl an exceptional choice for your family.

MagneTech Secure Snap™ Buckles

The Nuna TRVL Dubl prioritizes safety. The self-guiding MagneTech secure snap™ buckles automatically lock into place, providing a secure and hassle-free fastening system.

No-Rethread Harness

The 3 to 5-point no-rethread harness makes it easy to fasten your children in, ensuring a snug and safe fit every time. This feature simplifies the process of adjusting the harness as your children grow, saving you time and effort.

Rear-Wheel Braking System

The quick-engaging 1-touch rear-wheel braking system provides scuff-free security, giving you confidence and control when you need to stop the stroller. Additionally, the front swivel wheels with swivel locks offer more comfortable strolls on uneven terrain, ensuring smooth rides regardless of the surface.

Meet the Nuna TRVL Dubl: Your New Superpower in Parenting

Independent Comfort: Customizable Strolls for Two with the Nuna TRVL Dubl

The Nuna TRVL Dubl is designed to cater to the unique needs of each child, offering independent comfort and customization. With features like independently adjustable seats and canopies, as well as the innovative Shadow Reel recline™ system, this stroller ensures that both children can enjoy personalized comfort during every outing. Let’s explore how the Nuna TRVL Dubl delivers tailored strolls for your little ones, enhancing their comfort and your convenience.

Independent Seats and Canopies

The Nuna TRVL Dubl features seats and canopies that are completely independent of one another, allowing for customized strolls for each child. Whether one child is napping while the other is exploring, you can easily adjust the seats to meet their individual needs.

Shadow Reel Recline™

The Shadow Reel recline™ system provides one-handed independent recline adjustments, offering a more upright option for curious toddlers or a near-flat recline for napping infants. Combined with the adjustable calf support that raises to convert seats to a carriage position, this stroller keeps your littlest babies extra cozy.

UPF 50+ Canopies

Each seat comes with a UPF 50+ water-repellent canopy that is extendable and features a flip-out eyeshade and peek-a-boo window. These canopies provide excellent protection from the sun and weather, ensuring your children remain comfortable and shielded during your outings.

Meet the Nuna TRVL Dubl: Your New Superpower in Parenting

Premium Details: Style Meets Functionality on the Nuna TRVL Dubl

The Nuna TRVL Dubl stands out not just for its practicality and safety features but also for its sophisticated design and premium touches. This stroller seamlessly blends style and functionality, ensuring that you and your children travel in both comfort and elegance. 

  • Slender and Maneuverable Design: Despite its capacity to seat two children, the Nuna TRVL Dubl is slender enough to fit through standard doorways and navigate narrow aisles. Measuring just 30.5 inches wide, it meets the size and design requirements set by various amusement parks, including Disney-compliance, allowing you to take it on your family adventures without worry.
  • Exceptional Maneuverability: The stroller’s exceptional maneuverability makes it a dream to push and turn, even with two children on board. Its all-wheel suspension and durable EVA foam-filled tires are ready for any terrain, ensuring smooth and comfortable rides wherever you go.
  • Extra-Large Storage Basket: With an easy-access extra-large storage basket that holds up to 22 lbs, the Nuna TRVL Dubl provides ample space for all your essentials. From diapers and snacks to toys and personal items, everything you need is within reach.
  • Luxe Leatherette Accents: Adding a touch of style to your stroll, the Nuna TRVL Dubl features luxe leatherette accents on the pushbar and removable armbar. These premium details not only enhance the stroller’s aesthetic but also provide a comfortable grip for parents.
  • Included Rain Cover: The included rain cover ensures that you are prepared for any weather. This thoughtful accessory keeps your children dry and comfortable, so you can continue your adventures even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.
Nuna TRVL Dubl


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Choosing ANB Baby for your Nuna stroller needs guarantees an unparalleled shopping experience. With our extensive selection of Nuna strollers, including the innovative TRVL Dubl, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect match for your family. Our competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and a convenient, user-friendly website make it easy to find and purchase the best stroller for your needs. Plus, our knowledgeable ANB Baby team is always ready to assist you, helping you make an informed choice with confidence. Shop with us and experience the ANB Baby difference today.

Embrace Parenthood with the Nuna TRVL Dubl Stroller

The Nuna TRVL Dubl is more than just a double stroller; it’s a lifeline for parents raising multiple children. With its combination of comfort, safety, and style, this stroller ensures that your family can continue to enjoy life's adventures together. Whether you’re exploring new destinations or simply strolling through your neighborhood, the TRVL Dubl makes every journey more enjoyable.

At ANB Baby, we are proud to offer the Nuna TRVL Dubl and other exceptional strollers to help you embrace parenthood on your own terms. Visit our website today to discover the perfect stroller for your family and experience the difference of shopping with us.

Make the Nuna TRVL Dubl your new superpower and let the fun of parenthood double with ease and style. Shop now at ANB Baby and start your journey with confidence.

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