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Perfect for Kids, Cargo, & Pets! Why We Love the Thule Courier

by Vannessa Rhoades 20 May 2023
Perfect for Kids, Cargo, & Pets! Why We Love the Thule Courier

Get ready to pack up your little ones and all your gear for any excursion with the Thule Courier – a comfortable, sturdy, safe trailer for kids, cargo, and pets!


Thoughtful Design

The Thule Courier has two seats, but it’s weight-balanced for seamless use with a single child. Each seat is padded with a 5-point harness and lots of leg room to stretch out. It has built-in weather covers, an adjustable handlebar, and six reflectors, along with maximum headroom and cargo space. It also features onboard storage for any trailer/stroller hardware not being used. 

Perfect for Commuting 

The Thule Courier convertible bike trailer & stroller is a fantastic bike carrier – and an awesome stroller! You won’t have to settle for one or the other when you invest in the Courier. It includes two strolling wheels and a premium Thule bike trailer kit for easy commuting.

Versatility for Family Excursions

The Thule Courier trailer offers flexibility for every family. This rugged, long-lasting carrier is perfect for long family excursions or for a quick run to the store with its ample seating space for two little ones. It transforms from one setup into another in literally 2 to 3 minutes, so you'll find yourself using it on more occasions than other bike trailers. It’s ideal for traveling to and from school. In crowded areas, the Thule Courier easily converts into a stroller with compact wheels for easy steering and an ergonomic adjustable handlebar for caregivers. This comfortable bike carrier also offers the option to fully convert into a cargo trailer and more.

Excellent Cargo Room

Need a cargo trailer? The Thule Courier has got you covered! With a reinforced floor and integrated attachment points, your equipment is always safe and stable.

Perfect for Pets

Longing to bring your furry four-legged friend for a ride? Now you can! The optional Thule Pet Kit (sold separately) converts the Thule Courier into a trailer that’s appropriate for your dog. With an included soft dog bed and a roof cover with integrated rain cover, you can finally bring your furry friend along for your outdoor adventures.


Thule Courier vs Chariot

All Thule bike trailers are made with the highest quality steel and aluminum for an exceptionally sturdy frame, wheels that glide effortlessly and quietly, and complete user-friendliness. So it’s first important to know that no matter which Thule bike trailer you pick, it’s going to be one of the best on the market. When comparing Thule Chariot vs Courier, both offer adjustable rain and mesh cover to ensure a comfortable ride in any weather. Both trailers feature a compact design and onboard storage of spare parts. One difference you’ll notice is that the Chariot Cross offers reclining seats and adjustable suspension for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Secondly, at 35 lbs., the Courier is a bit heavier than the nearly 32-lb. Chariot Cross. Finally, the Courier features an optional pet kit to convert it to a Fido-friendly trailer.

What Parents Are Saying About the Thule Courrier Bike Trailer

Take a look at what parents are loving about this amazing bike trailer, stroller, cargo trailer, and pet trailer:

“This is an amazing trailer. Easy to assemble, love the small wheel that converts the carrier into a stroller. Very smooth ride on the road or trail. You don’t feel the weight when cycling on a flat surface but can become a bit heavy when going uphill. When used while attached to the bike, it doesn't feel heavy at all. We have taken our two kids in it and they love it and I feel safe for them to be in it. very smooth overall and it's comfortable both ways stroller or bike. Highly recommend this!”

“The Thule Courier is perfect for pulling our 1 1/2-year-old son around on our new beach cruisers! I especially like the ease of being able to switch the trailer to my husband’s bike using the purchased attachment. After researching the best product/company for safety and ease of use, it was clear the Thule bike trailers were the best way to go. Our son loves going on bike rides with mama and daddy! I love that the trailer can also be used for hauling other things once our son outgrows it. Definitely worth every penny!”

“I absolutely love the Thule-Thule Courier. As soon as it comes out of the box you can tell the quality is phenomenal. The harnesses for the bike trailer are padded and easy to secure your little ones in, the setup was very easy. It literally took me thirty seconds and was ready to use. I love that you can add a pet carrier so your pup can enjoy a ride too. I genuinely love the smooth ride, clean look, easy setup and fold down, and how much you can do or add to this bike carrier. I highly recommend.”

The Verdict

Thule Courier combines the best of a durable bike trailer and a comfortable stroller, easily converting between the two to provide the ultimate flexibility for families on the go. The Thule Courier also easily converts into a dedicated cargo trailer with a sturdy floor and integrated attachment points to keep your gear secure. You even have the option of taking your fur babies along for the ride! In short, the Thule Courier is a well-designed and amazing piece of baby gear that every adventurous family will love!

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