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Premium Safety, Affordable Price: the Britax Emblem Car Seat

by Vannessa Rhoades 19 Mar 2023
Premium Safety, Affordable Price: the Britax Emblem Car Seat

Are you searching for an affordable car seat that grows with your child and prioritizes quality and safety? Look no further than the Britax Emblem car seat! The Britax Emblem 3-Stage Convertible Car Seat is one of the most economical models in the brand’s lineup of high-quality safety seats. It boasts superior crash test performance, thoughtful design features, and is easy to use and install. Let’s take a closer look at why we love the Britax Emblem convertible car seat.

What We Love About the Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat Overall

The Britax Emblem was created to provide exceptional safety components without an outrageous price tag. Caregivers love the Emblem because using and installing the car seat is so straightforward and simple. One of the primary reasons for the simpler installation is that the LATCH is located above the vehicle belt, which provides more protection than an average car seat. Seats with a more complex installation process are often used incorrectly. That means that even at its more economical price, the Britax Emblem has surpassed pricier options in numerous crash tests.  

The Emblem also has a number of other amazing, easy-to-use features. The LATCH connectors feature simple push buttons for easy connectivity. Available in three chic styles (get the Britax Emblem convertible car seat in Fusion, Dash, or Slate), the thick padding and soft fabric make seats extra comfy for little ones. The harness system is also thoughtfully designed and works well.

Key Features of the Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat

Quality and comfort

The safety features of the car seat are superb with a double layer of protection for potential side-impact collisions. The car seat also has a sturdy steel frame to provide additional stability and absorb crash impact. The thicker, more prominent headrest wings also make this seat more comfortable for napping. 

Easy installation

The button-style LATCH connectors push onto the car anchors easily and release with just a push of a button. You can find the best angle for installation using the angle adjustment lever under the bottom of the seat and the level indicator on the side. Belt installation is also straightforward with the Britax Emblem. Forward-facing installation involves running the belt through a path in the seatback and using the side belt lock-off to stabilize the seat on the belt. The lock-off is uncomplicated and doesn't require any additional tools. (You don’t need to be Herculean strength to install it, either!)

Easy to use

The Emblem has a non-rethread harness adjustment that’s easy to use, can be moved with your child in the seat, and ensures you get the right fit each time. The harness features ten height positions with two positions for the crotch strap. The buckles and chest clip function well and are easy to snap with just one hand. You can even fasten the harness to the seat with Velcro to help keep it out of your way when placing the baby in the seat. The base of the seat features an easy-to-operate tightening strap and a release button. Again, you don’t have to be super strong or use extra force to tighten the strap.

What Parents Are Saying About the Britax Emblem Convertible Car Seat

Here’s what parents are saying about this amazing, affordable car seat:

“Pretty easy to install for a car seat, even rear-facing. Costs much less than comparable seats with similar features. And only takes up 31” front to back when rear-facing; less than many others. Slim enough that I can fit 2 rear-facing in a Prius & still pull down the center console in between! Britax always performs amazingly in safety tests. This has a lot of safety features like the steel reinforced frame and the crumple zone material under the seat for impact absorption in a crash. It also has side protection around the head. But it’s about half the weight of seats with similar features. I love that the material has fewer chemicals. The crotch buckle tab that keeps the buckle from being under your kid is awesome! No digging under little tushies for that buckle! And there are little Velcro tabs that keep the shoulder harnesses out of the way, too. Overall very easy to use and cost-effective enough to get for twins.”

“We have been looking at the MANY convertible car seats available as it was time to switch our fourth baby from his infant seat. This Britax Emblem 3-stage convertible seat is beautiful, nice, and heavy, and the safety features are amazing! The fabric on the car seat is very thick but soft, I haven’t seen my toddler sweating in this seat at all in our southern hot summer. It has 3 different recline positions and according to my son's weight and being rear facing, we are fully reclined and I love it. He seems very comfortable, and it’s easy to get him in and out of the seat. This seat can also accommodate an infant, and the pillow that comes with it for that newborn stage is so thick and firm it’s really a great seat to start out in. I would really recommend this for any baby. It seems to fit all stages and weights quite comfortably. You can really feel the weight of this as it provides an extra layer of protection, but even at 5 months pregnant, I was able to pick it up and install it so easily in a matter of minutes. The installation is a quick 2 latches and pulls tight, that’s it! It isn’t bulky, it doesn’t interfere with any other seats in our minivan. This is our third Britax seat, and it stands up to its name of durability and safety features. One of my favorite Britax Emblem features is the harness. The harness has a little piece of velcro on each strap at the base and it adheres to the velcro piece on each side of the inner “butt” of the seat, so whenever you get your child out, the straps automatically stick out of the way for the next time you’re ready to put them back in. That’s so awesome because wrangling a wiggly toddler and moving harness straps out of the way is such a pain to me, it’s definitely one of my favorite things! Overall I definitely recommend this seat!"

The Verdict

The Britax Emblem is a lightweight, easy-to-use seat with excellent crash test results and an affordable price. Overall, the performance of the Britax Emblem is exceptional, and parents can feel confident about the safety and comfort of their children at an economical price.

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