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Safe, Ergonomic: Why We Love Beaba X Shnuggle Baby Bath

by Vannessa Rhoades 04 Nov 2023
Safe, Ergonomic: Why We Love Beaba X Shnuggle Baby Bath

Bathing isn’t just about getting your baby clean. Often, it’s also a time for bonding, a calming step in the bedtime routine, and a full-on sensory experience for your little one. Newborn infants should be bathed about three times a week, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). As they get a little bigger and begin crawling, exploring, and getting into messes, many parents shift into a daily bath routine. A sturdy baby bathtub can be an indispensable tool to help keep your little one secure and safe during their baths while making it easier and more effective for you to clean them. One of our favorites for this task is the Beaba X Shnuggle baby bath. Here’s why we love it.


Our Favorite Features About the Beaba X Shnuggle Baby Bath

This multi-award-winning bathtub features a beautiful design with smooth curves and a flowing roll top that’s perfectly shaped for your baby from birth (stage 1) right up to 12 months (stage 2). The bathtub has an integrated bum bump that helps to support your baby while they recline in the early months, allowing parents to have both hands free to wash and play with the baby. When your little one starts to sit forward (stage 2), the bum bump offers a little extra support, giving them the confidence to sit up. That makes bathtime not only more comfortable but also gives your baby a little time to practice their essential sitting skills. 

The Beaba X Shnuggle baby bath’s large foam backrest is soft and warm to the touch, allowing your baby to enjoy a longer bath without getting cold. A handy drain plug allows you to easily empty or refresh the water. The tub’s small size makes it ideal to use in the bath, shower, kitchen sink, or on the floor. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry when filled with water. We also love that it’s available in a variety of pretty colors: grey, midnight, rose, and aqua.

Safe, Ergonomic: Why We Love Beaba X Shnuggle Baby Bath

Tips for Bathing Your Child in the Beaba X Shnuggle Baby Bathtub

After the umbilical cord stump has healed, you can place your infant in the water. The first tub bath should be as peaceful and quick as you’re able to manage. Here are a few tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • Monitor the water temperature. Fill the tub or basin with only a couple of inches of water. It should feel warm (not hot) on the inside of your elbow or wrist, around 100° F. The AAP recommends that the hottest temperature at the faucet should be no more than 120° F to help avoid burns. Hot tap water can cause serious burns that require medical intervention. 
  • Use an infant tub. Experts at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission advise using a hard plastic baby tub with a sloped, textured surface or a sling that prevents your baby from slipping. The Beaba X Shnuggle baby bath is just right for the job!
  • Keep your infant warm. A wet baby can be easily chilled. Be sure the room is comfortably warm. Put your baby in the water as soon as they’re undressed. Lower them into the water gently, feet first. Speak to your baby in a soothing, loving tone to reassure them. Since they’ll only have a couple of inches of water in the tub, you’ll have to pour warm water over their body often to make sure they stay warm.
  • Use touch supervision. During bath time, always give your baby full attention and hold them securely. If you forget supplies or need something from the other room, take the baby with you. Never, ever leave your baby alone in the tub, even for a second. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), most child drownings inside the home occur in bathtubs, and more than half of bathtub deaths involve children under one year of age.
  • Begin washing. Gently wipe your baby with a soft wet washcloth, from scalp to diaper area. If you use soap or shampoo, do so sparingly as it can dry out the skin. Use only gentle, hypo-allergenic soaps. Cup your hand across your baby’s forehead to prevent soap from getting in their eyes when rinsing their scalp. 
  • Make it fun! The more enjoyable bathing is, the less your baby will fear the water. Bathtime should be a gentle, calming event, so don't hurry things along unless your baby is fussy. When it comes to bath toys, newborns don’t need them, but they’re essential in helping make bathtime a fun experience for older babies. Empty containers and toys that float are a joy for little ones. 
  • Towel off. When you’re all finished with bathing, quickly remove your infant from the tub and wrap them in a towel, covering the top of their head to maximize warmth. Dab them dry and massage a little fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturizing lotion into their skin to help it retain moisture.
Safe, Ergonomic: Why We Love Beaba X Shnuggle Baby Bath

What Parents Are Saying About the Beaba X Shnuggle Baby Bath

Take a look at what these families are loving about bathtime with this innovatively designed baby tub.

“I got gifted another bathtub for my baby and while it was great when he was a tiny tiny newborn, he soon hated bath time and would scream through it because the tub was too shallow, on a low incline, and too small. So I scoured the internet reading tons of reviews and settled for the Beaba X Schnuggle. Me and my bubs now LOVE bath time! I doubted whether this tub would be worth the money but it absolutely is!... It is high quality, sturdy, & easy to clean material. Unlike other tubs, this tub will never grow mold…The bottom fits right into our sink but it tapers wider to be more spacious. As he gets older we can transition to using this in our tub. The bump keeps our baby from slipping down which was an issue with our last tub. The soft foam backing is comfy for his head. Because it's so spacious, he will grow into this wonderfully. Details like the max level line and a very high-quality plug make this product feel high-end…Baby can be submerged and nice and warm. Sitting up is more comfortable for our baby- he hated lying on a very low incline in his last tub.”

“I LOVE this bath. I have a big boy. He is a week shy of 4 months and is 17 lbs. He can sit upright, and he laughs and smiles and splashes! He was cold when I filled it to only the max line but I filled it up higher to about right under his chest and used some washcloths to cover his shoulders. Easy to clean and easy to use! I have a very weak abdomen and lower back due to carrying his 10 lbs self so being able to fit this in my VERY small sink that is counter height is awesome. The smaller base to a more open top is perfect. The foam back keeps him from slipping around, and the bump on the bottom is literally PERFECT. Buy this! Buy this if you have a bad back, buy this for convenience, buy this because your baby will love it, buy it instead of the other bath seats you use in your tub because this is amazing. 10 out of 10 recommend.”

“We live in an apartment with only a shower so we needed something that could stand alone. This works so well! It holds just enough water and makes it easy to give my baby a bath…It’s especially great if you want to add things to the bath if they have a diaper rash or something like that. He’s 3 months now, and it’s still great! No mold or anything. When you’re finished you just dump the water out, and I leave it upside down in the shower to get completely dry. It’s perfect!”

The Verdict 

Having the right infant bathtub can make bath time with your baby a much more enjoyable experience. The Beaba X Shnuggle baby bath helps you soothe and clean your baby safely and easily. Its supported sitting contour and lightweight, easy-to-dry design make it a favorite at ANB Baby. Grab yours today!

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