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Safe, Sweet Dreams for Your Baby: Tutti Bambini Cozee Cribs | Product Review

by Vannessa Rhoades 18 Dec 2022


Safe, Sweet Dreams for Your Baby: Tutti Bambini Cozee Cribs | Product Review

Looking for a secure bassinet that will help you develop that special bond with your little one and can also be used as a standalone crib? Are you nursing or recovering from a C-section and need a drop-side crib to care for your baby without getting out of bed? Or maybe you need a lightweight, easy-to-fold travel crib you can use when you’re away from home? Call off the search because we’ve got the perfect solution for you! The Tutti Bambini Cozee collection offers all these features and more in three beautifully designed models: the Cozee Bedside Crib, the Cozee Air Bedside Crib, and the Cozee Luxe Bedside Crib.

Why We Love Tutti Bambini Cozee Cribs

From the quick, simple setup to its versatility to its easy-to-clean parts, the Cozee bedside crib & cot is full of features that new parents need and want.

Easy assembly

One of the Tutti Bambini Cozee Bedside Crib’s key features is the 30-second open-and-fold mechanism. It’s incredibly simple to set up and put away when needed. There are six short, easy-to-follow steps with straightforward pictures to guide you when you first put the bed together. Assembly is a simple one-person job, requiring no tools and taking only about 5 to 10 minutes to set up completely. To safely use as a bedside crib, just fasten the two straps to your bed frame. When you need to disassemble or move the crib for travel, simply fold down the bed into the travel bag and pop it into the trunk of your car.



Simple to adjust

With six height settings and two adjustable straps, the Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib will fit most adult beds in co-sleeping mode. Just use the handles on both ends of the crib to move the height up or down to securely fit your bed. You can also use it to raise or lower just one end of the crib, ideal for babies suffering from reflux or a stuffy nose. 


As with any other bedside crib, the Tutti Bambini CoZee can be used as a standalone cot as well by securely zipping and clipping the side panel into place. The adjustable height feature is still a bonus in standalone crib mode as it allows caregivers to find a height that’s comfortable for them (your back may still be sore from nine months of pregnancy!).

Beautifully designed

The entire Tutti Bambini CoZee collection is not only functional, but it’s also fashionable. It beautifully fits any style of home decor décor. The Tutti Bambi CoZee Starter Pack serves as the perfect stylish starter set for your bedside crib. This set includes two fitted sheets and a crib blanket made from soft 100% cotton jersey in a soft neutral pebble, gray, or blush color to complement your nursery's style.


The premium crib model, the Tutti Bambini CoZee Luxe Bedside Crib, features a distinctive color palette. The Luxe Cribs are elegantly perched on walnut-colored legs with gold accent details, a modern contrast that adds extra visual appeal and sophistication. Upholstered in soft touch quilted velvet, this striking crib brings a touch of elegance and modern grandeur to your bedroom, while offering all the same award-winning features of the original CoZee.


Easy to clean

Babies are a messy target market. Between nighttime diaper explosions, runny noses, and endless drool from teething, it’s safe to assume that you’ll need a crib that’s easy to clean. Tutti Bambini does a great job at making their crib fabrics simple to wash without a lot of headaches. Just zip off the inner liner and mattress cover, and pop them in the washing machine for a deep clean. For the outer fabrics, simply sponge clean with a mild detergent. To clean the frame, just wipe it down with a soft cloth and mild detergent. No special cleaners or hand-washing is necessary!


Other favorite features

We love the drop-down side on this crib (perfect for little ones who still wake up regularly at night). Such easy access makes it simple for an exhausted parent to easily comfort and feed their little one without even getting out of bed. There’s also a handy shelf underneath, the perfect spot to store extra diapers, wipes, or a change of pajamas for easy nighttime access. 

Does your little one prefer a little gentle, relaxing rocking to fall asleep? Check out the Tutti Bambini CoZee Air Bedside Crib. This superior model comes complete with lockable rocking bars to help soothe your baby. It also features lockable castors so that you can roll the crib easily from room to room for naps.


What Parents Are Saying About Tutti Bambini Cozee Cribs

Take a look at what other caregivers are saying about these stylish, versatile cribs:

“For the price we paid, the Bambini Cozee sleeper has been so so worth it. Bub has no dramas sleeping in it and seems to be really comfortable whenever we put her down in it. The quality is amazing and the durability seems to be much better than other brands out there.”

“A stylish and well-designed crib. Simplicity is at the heart of its' design allowing it to be assembled and adjusted with ease. It is robust, and I love the choice of rockers or castors at the base. The tray at the bottom not only stabilizes the crib but also provides a very useful storage area for all baby essentials. The safety straps for attaching the crib to a bed are straightforward to use and simple to fit. The travel bag ensures that the crib will stay clean and is protected whilst 'on the road'.”

“Perfect in every way. So easy to move from room to room and adjust height and angle. My grandson was very mobile from two weeks old and moved around the crib constantly. Being more secure than a Moses basket has allowed him to stay in this crib securely. Beautiful looking too.“

The Verdict

From the 30-second open-and-fold mechanism and the convenient travel satchel to its easy-to-clean fabrics and nursing-friendly drop-down side, the Tutti Bambini Cozee has all the features a caregiver could want or need. Plus, it offers an incredibly chic design at a reasonable price. Tutti Bambini Cozee cribs are a great value for the money, and you can rest assured knowing it has everything you’ll need to help your baby sleep safely.

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