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Saving Your Back! Why We Love the TushBaby Hip Carrier

by Vannessa Rhoades 06 Sep 2023
Saving Your Back! Why We Love the TushBaby Hip Carrier

At ANB Baby we’re always on the lookout for products that offer parents convenience and comfort. We recently had the opportunity to try out the TushBaby Hip Carrier, a revolutionary addition to the world of baby carriers. With so many options on the market, we were curious about what this carrier offered in terms of its ergonomic design and practicality. In this TushBaby Hip Carrier review, we’re sharing our firsthand experience with the product and how it fared in terms of comfort, usability, and overall value.


Advantages of Hip Seat Carriers

Many parents worry that certain baby carriers might harm their babies' hips. This is because there's strong evidence that carrying a baby with their legs together for a long time can lead to hip issues. But hip seat carriers solve this. They let babies sit in a way approved by experts at the Hip Displasia Institute, called the M-position. This means the baby's thighs wrap around the parent's body, and the hips bend with knees a bit higher than the bottom, thighs supported. Hip seat carriers are actually better than normal carriers for older babies because they maintain this healthy position whether the baby faces in or out. 

Hip seat carriers are great not only for babies but also for parents! Because your little one’s weight is supported by your hips and legs (not your back and shoulders), a baby hip carrier reduces back and shoulder pain compared to traditional carriers. Secondly, unlike regular carriers, the baby's weight won’t strain you forward or backward. The hip seat carrier encourages an upright posture, easing back pain. Plus, using the hip seat lets you switch sides easily, preventing hip or lower back discomfort.

Additional advantages include:

  • Versatility in carrying positions and the carrier's adaptability from newborn to toddler.
  • Ample storage space on the waist belt or under the hip seat, a feature often missing in traditional carriers.
Saving Your Back! Why We Love the TushBaby Hip Carrier

Features We Love About the TushBaby Hip Carrier

Comfort and ergonomics

One of the standout features of the TushBaby hip seat carrier is its ergonomic design, specifically tailored to ensure both parent and baby are comfortable during use. The padded hip seat provides excellent support for the wearer's lower back and hips, effectively distributing the baby's weight and reducing strain. This design feature sets it apart from traditional carriers, which can often lead to discomfort during extended use. The adjustable waistband further enhances the fit, catering to different body types and sizes. You’ll find that the TushBaby ergonomic hip seat carrier allows you to carry your baby for longer periods without feeling fatigued or experiencing any discomfort.

Usability and convenience

In terms of usability, the TushBaby Hip Carrier truly shines. The innovative design allows for a quick and secure setup, eliminating the need for complicated straps and buckles. Placing your baby on the hip seat feels intuitive, and the safety strap provides added peace of mind. The carrier also features storage pockets, incredibly handy for carrying small essentials like keys, a phone, or a pacifier. This convenience factor is a game-changer for parents who often find themselves juggling multiple items while tending to their little one.

Leads the way in quality and design

When comparing some of the market leaders, such as the Babymust Hip Carrier vs TushBaby, it's clear that the TushBaby offers several advantages. The ergonomic design of the TushBaby provides superior comfort and support, making it ideal for longer periods of use. The storage pockets also give it an edge in terms of convenience, eliminating the need for an extra bag when running errands. While both carriers are designed to distribute weight effectively, the TushBaby's well-thought-out features make it a standout choice.

Saving Your Back! Why We Love the TushBaby Hip Carrier

What Parents Are Saying About the TushBaby Hip Carrier

Read what these families love about this amazingly sturdy, ergonomic child carrier.

“I love my TushBaby! My kiddo loves sitting on it like a saddle. We each get a bit of freedom and air with how hot it’s been this summer. I appreciate that I don’t get back pain like I do with our other carrier. It works for my husband too!”

“Do not hesitate to buy it!! I broke my hand and this saved my vacation. With or without a broken hand this made carrying my baby a breeze. Other carriers would make him hot and uncomfortable. I loved that this made him cool and easy to hand him to my family when I needed to. I had lots of compliments while wearing it saying how it was a genius design. I received a knockoff from my baby shower, and it doesn’t even compare to the design and quality of the original TushBaby. This invention is nothing short of perfection. Every mother that walked buy struggling to hold their child on hip said they needed it. You need this!”

“I love this product. Extremely convenient and surprisingly comfortable for baby and I. I purchased the black leather and I am pleased with how great it looks and cleans up. Highly recommend. The only thing I would like is a second zipper pouch, maybe on the left side instead of the open slot pocket. Thank you, TushBaby, for making life a little bit easier for this momma!”

“Game changer! The TushBaby is easy to use, comfortable for both baby and I, and very practical. Baby loves it, we walk around, dance, and I even used it to help carry baby while putting her to sleep (it helped!). I no longer feel so much pressure on my back because of baby being nice and chunky. Plus, the quality is great, and it looks good while wearing. Definitely recommend it.”

The Verdict

The TushBaby Hip Carrier exceeded our expectations as a practical and comfortable baby carrier solution. Its ergonomic design, ease of use, and storage capabilities make it a must-have for parents seeking a convenient way to carry their little ones. The TushBaby Hip Carrier stands out in the market with its thoughtful features and innovative approach to babywearing. TushBaby is a superior choice that prioritizes both parent and baby's comfort. Say goodbye to uncomfortable carriers and hello to hassle-free babywearing with the TushBaby Hip Carrier.


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