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Snug Fit, Costs Less: Why We Love Tidy Tots Diapers

by Vannessa Rhoades 22 Apr 2023
Snug Fit, Costs Less: Why We Love Tidy Tots Diapers

Want the comfort of a natural cloth diaper but love the convenience of disposables? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole process of cloth diapering? The Tidy Tots Great Start Set is the perfect solution! These adorable, hassle-free cloth diapers are unlike anything you've seen before. The secret weapon: the Tidy Tots Flushies stay put. It's a secured liner that you simply flush, and the mess is gone. Tidy Tots are made from absorbent, breathable, and naturally antimicrobial hemp, so your baby's skin stays rash-free. Plus, Tidy Tots' patented cover and diaper trap it all, from breastfeeding poops to even the heaviest wetters. Take a look at our Tidy Tots diaper review and learn what we love about this amazing product.

What’s Included in the Tidy Tots Great Start Diaper Set

  • 6 covers
  • 12 No-Fold Diapers 
  • 8 boosters 
  • 100 Flushies®
  • 1 large wet bag

Grows With Your Child

The Tidy Tots Great Start Diapering Set is a unique system, featuring a one-size adjustable cover that grows with your baby. Instead of rows of snaps, Tidy Tots has a patented gusset that automatically accommodates the dimensions and fit of the diaper as your little one grows. Their offset snaps fit babies like hook and loop to provide the perfect, comfy leak-free fit.

Great Absorbency

The insert (called the No-Fold Diaper) simply snaps into the cover: two snaps at the front and two snaps at the back hold the insert in the diaper and up against your baby’s body. Made from an organic hemp and cotton blend, the liner provides four layers of protection right where you need it. It’s a great choice for families who struggle with textile sensitivities and little ones who don’t like bamboo fibers, polyester, suede, or microfleece.

Need extra absorbency? No problem! The underside of the diaper features a slit where you can add boosters to customize the diaper’s absorbency.  The boosters automatically come out during the wash.

Alternatively, Tidy Tots also offers a more budget-friendly Stay-Dry option, made of a breathable fabric designed to draw moisture away from the surface and keep your baby's skin dry.

Easy to Use

Another feature we love about the Tidy Tots diapers is that they were specially developed to work with flushable liners (called Flushies). Flushies are soft, thin, and made from cornstarch. They’re larger than many other liners and cover the entire diaper insert, wrapping underneath and held secure by Velcro. This helps keep the liner in place and prevents it from bunching up which makes clean-up so much easier. Simply toss the poopy liner into the toilet and flush!



Ready to Go, Right Out of the Box

For cotton and hemp diapers to be fully absorbent, they need about 8 to 10 washings. That’s a lot to ask of a busy parent. One of our favorite things about the Tidy Tots Great Start Diaper Set is that they come pre-washed and ready to use, right out of the box! Tidy Tots has already done all the prep work for you so that you can use them right away.

High-Quality, American-Made

These diapers are snug, comfortable, absorbent, and super cute, but there’s even more to the Tidy Tots story.  Following a successful exit from owning and operating a tech company, Tidy Tots inventor Sandra Beck decided to focus on a new challenge – designing the perfect diaper. Her goal was to improve how parents diaper their children, making it safer, easier, and healthier. Unfortunately, cloth diapers come with so many challenges that many busy families find it overwhelming. This was the impetus to develop a cloth diaper that addressed each of those challenges. Thus, Tidy Tots was born and revolutionized the market.

Plus, Tidy Tots is committed and passionate about giving back. All of their diapers are manufactured in upstate New York in a facility that hires, trains, and supports individuals with disabilities. That’s yet another reason you can feel good about purchasing Tidy Tots diapers. 

What Parents Are Saying About Tidy Tots Diapers

Take a look at what parents are loving about this amazing diapering system:

“We started using tiny tots 2.5 years ago, and they are still holding up great. They have had a lot of wear from our firstborn but are very much still useable and as we gear up for baby two, we have just purchased another set. We are delighted with how they fit, how comfortable they are, easy washing and feel great about supporting such a wonderful company! Honestly, they have never leaked for us ever! Cannot recommend enough!”

“We love our Tidy Tots diapers. They are so easy to use! We love the velcro waistband, so it fits our son just right! The Flushies make dealing with poop so much easier – you just flush it right down. Their customer service has been incredible. Happy about saving the planet one diaper at a time, and also that only hemp (no chemicals) is touching our son's skin. We are beyond thrilled and have been using them on our son since birth, he is now 10 weeks old. Thank you, Tidy Tots!”

“I bought this set about a year ago and we are really happy with it still. It is well made, and the quality hasn't diminished even after a year. My husband did a lot of research in the beginning and found this brand to have the most value. It does not leak and it is a great fit for our baby. Highly recommend it!!”

The Verdict

The Tidy Tots diapering system is an excellent choice for anxious, overwhelmed parents trying cloth diapers for the first time and people looking for a simple, natural, American-made diaper. They work, they fit, and they cost less than disposable diapers.

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