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So Easy to Use! Why We Love Phil & Teds Poppy Bath Seat

by Vannessa Rhoades 13 May 2023

So Easy to Use! Why We Love Phil & Teds Poppy Bath Seat

Do you have a little one who loves bathtime but isn’t quite ready to sit up on their own in the tub yet? The experts at Phil & Teds have devised a brilliant solution in the stylish, easy-to-use Poppy bath seat! Based on the beloved Poppy highchair design, this bath seat delivers the same good looks, ease, functionality, and huge hygiene benefits. 

What Makes the Poppy Bath Seat Unique

The Poppy™ bath seat is an awesomely helpful bathing solution to keep your soapy & slippery babe safely sitting on their own in an upright position. It allows them to get busy with the bubbles, while you give your arms a much-deserved break, keeping your hands free to have fun!

  • It’s hygienic every time. Cleverly designed as one whole unit and with drainage holes in all the right places, your little one gets a hygienic bath every time!
  • It’s super stable. Phil & Teds Poppy bath seat features four ultra-strong suction cups, so it won’t budge once sucked in!
  • It offers 360° support. Phil and Teds Poppy bath seat features a high backrest for upright comfort and hands-free convenience. There’s also a handy belly bar to help your wobbly little one sit up on their own.
  • They’re globally safety certified. Need we say more?
  • No assembly is required. Phil & Teds Poppy bath seat is ready to go straight out of the box.



What Parents Are Saying About the Poppy Bath Seat

Take a look at what these happy parents love about this well-designed bathtub accessory:

“I'm loving how still the bath chair sits. The suctions are so powerful that there is no movement when my little one wants to wiggle around. He sits up and plays with the water. I don't worry about him sliding off. He's about 10 months now and it's definitely made bath time easy! But not only is it great for the bath, but it's also great for showers too. I've had to shower my little one quickly a few times and to just have him sit in this chair was so convenient.”

“Great for my 6-month-old who was frustrated that she couldn’t sit up in her 4moms tub! Allows us to fill the tub and use bath toys without having to hold her. Stays clean & dries quickly. The only con is the suction cups don’t stick to our textured tub so when we lift her out of it, the chair tends to come up with her. Not a flaw of the seat, just something to think about if you have a textured tub!”

“I didn't even know a product like this existed, but when I saw it, I knew I had to snatch it up. It frees me from having to use the bulky baby bathtub for my 6mo and allows me to bathe him at the same time as his big brother! Total game changer. We love it!”

“This is perfect for kiddos who can sit up, but are still wobbly in the bath. My kiddo doesn’t want to lay back anymore so he can play and this seat allows him to do so! He loves it! Tons of playtime and fun for him.”

“I ordered the Phil&Ted Poppy Bath Seat for my 5-month-old. It works great for her. It has great suction to the tub and I like that it has a bar across her lap as well. This allows her to sit in the tub supported and play in the water while being bathed.”

The Verdict

This handy bathing accessory is a great way to keep your soapy little one safely upright during bathtime. It’s stylish, easy to use, functional, and hygienic. Babies can have a great time splashing and playing with bubbles while giving your hands a break. The Poppy bath seat is a game-changer for bathtime – grab yours today!

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