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Spacious, Practical, Elegant: Why We Love the Doona All-Day Bag

by Vannessa Rhoades 19 Feb 2023

Spacious, Practical, Elegant: Why We Love the Doona All-Day Bag

Looking for a diaper bag that’s just big enough for all your baby essentials and perfect for traveling or long stays away from home? Spacious, elegant, and practical, the Doona™ All-Day Bag is the ideal size for a full day out with your baby. 

Designed to complement your Doona with style, it attaches to the back of your Doona stroller using unique quick-release connectors that keep the bag secured to the seat for hands-free travel. The All-Day Bag maintains the stroller’s stability while giving you easy access to everything you need to keep your baby comfortable. The top and side zipper openings provide quick and easy access to all your items. A thermal bottle holder and foldable changing mat are included. (We especially love the Doona All-Day Bag in Nitro Black!)

Features We Love on the Doona All-Day Bag

The All-Day Bag easily snaps onto the back of your Doona, allowing you to carry everything you need while strolling. Quickly snap off the bag to take it with you when not using the stroller. 

  • Specifically designed to maintain your Doona’s stability
  • Unique quick-release Doona connectors
  • Smart, practical, and easy access compartments
  • Thermal bottle holder
  • Foldable changing mat
  • Easy to wash
  • Can carry a weight of up to 6.6 lb

Spacious, Practical, Elegant: Why We Love the Doona All-Day Bag

How Do They Compare? Doona Essentials Bag vs All-Day Bag 

Trying to decide between the Doona All-Day Bag vs. the Doona Essentials Bag? It really just comes down to how much stuff you need to carry and how heavy it is. Both bags feature a compact, lightweight, and elegant design that won’t get tangled up on your Doona stroller. Both the Essentials and the All-Day Bags also have quick-release connectors and plenty of smart, practical compartments. The big difference between the two is that the Essentials can carry up to 3 lbs, while the All-Day Doona bag can carry twice as much (a maximum of 6.6 lbs).

What Parents Are Saying About the Doona All-Day Bag

Parents love this handy stroller accessory that makes traveling with everything you need a breeze. Here’s what some of them are saying about the Doona All-Day Bag:

“I purchased this as an upgrade to the snap-on storage bag. This is significantly larger. It worked well for long days at Walt Disney World to have lots of backup items, the rain cover, a bottle cooler with ice packs & bottles, etc.”

“I received this bag as a gift and really enjoy the functionality. My daughter is five months old, and I have used this as my carry-on handbag for numerous domestic and international trips. The material is very light while remaining durable. The drop handles are easy to place around your carry-on suitcase. The nylon is easy to machine wash (I have only air-dried the bag), and it still looks like new.”

“I love the compartments in this bag and how easily it attaches to the stroller. The front access zipper is so helpful because you don’t have to take it off the stroller to reach inside. Super convenient!”

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a way to add plenty of lightweight, stylish storage options to your Doona stroller, the Doona All-Day Bag is worth the investment. With plenty of easy-to-access compartments and a high-weight capacity, this beautiful bag can pack everything you’ll need for a full day out traveling or adventuring with your little one.

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