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Spooktacular Fun! Why We Adore the Slumberkins Halloween Kin

by Vannessa Rhoades 06 Oct 2023
Spooktacular Fun! Why We Adore the Slumberkins Halloween Kin

Boo! Halloween can be so much fun to share with little ones for the first time, and today we’re excited to share our thoughts on the delightful Slumberkins Halloween collection! At ANB Baby, we're committed to offering parents and caregivers the best products to nurture their little ones, and this collection from Slumberkins certainly does not disappoint. From critical thinking to confidence-building, these cuddly companions offer more than just spook-tacular fun! Let’s take a closer look at our new additions and see how these charming creatures can add a touch of magic to your Halloween season.

Learn Critical Thinking with Slumberkins Frank and Vlad Kin

Introducing the enchanting Slumberkins Glow in the Dark Frank Kin and Slumberkins Vlad Kin! Both of these adorable plush companions come with the delightful Mr. Bones board book, inspired by a family-owned and operated pumpkin patch in Culver City, California. It's a tale of the annual scavenger hunt soirée hosted by the renowned "Mr. Bones." This year, the party is joined by Vlad Kin, who dons a luxurious velvet violet cape, and Frank Kin, who adds an extra layer of excitement to the festivities with his captivating glow-in-the-dark feature, making him an instant favorite among little ones. 


These engaging board books promote critical thinking and connection as you read together, fostering valuable developmental growth in your child. Plus, they offer a comforting touch during times of anxiety, providing a reassuring presence to remind children that they are safe, loved, and never alone. These sets are the perfect way to infuse some Halloween spirit into storytime while nurturing your child's development and sense of security.


Beyond the Halloween festivities, this Kin serves as the perfect companion for children during moments of anxiety. When stress and heightened anxiety take hold, many children find solace in expressing and sharing their feelings and fears. Frank Kin and Vlad Kin are designed to be right there beside them, offering a reassuring squeeze and a comforting presence to remind them that they are safe, loved, and never alone. This unique combination of fun and comfort makes the Slumberkins Glow in the Dark Frank Kin + Mr. Bones and Slumberkins Vlad Kin + Mr. Bones valuable additions to your child's collection, helping them navigate the spooky season and everyday challenges with confidence.

Spooktacular Fun! Why We Adore the Slumberkins Halloween Kin

Learn Confidence with Slumberkins Halloween Peacock Dragon Kin 

As families gear up for the spooktacular season of Halloween, it's pretty common for children to experience the allure of changing their original costume ideas, especially when they see a friend wearing something different. This is where the vibrant and audacious Peacock Dragon Kin steps in to lend a helping wing to his dear friend, Sloth, who's grappling with the costume comparison conundrum.

The Costume Comeback at the Monster Ball board book, included in the Slumberkins Halloween Peacock Dragon Kin + Glow in the Dark Boo Basket Set, beautifully narrates Sloth's journey of uncertainty about his alien costume. Through the story, children learn the valuable lesson that it takes bravery to embrace their unique selves and take pride in their costume choices. This heartwarming tale also imparts wisdom about the importance of standing out and following through with their decisions.

Spooktacular Fun! Why We Adore the Slumberkins Halloween Kin

This Halloween, you can embark on a journey of teaching your child the virtues of authenticity, confidence, and self-reflection. With the steadfast support of the Peacock Dragon Kin, you'll help your child recognize that it's not only safe but also courageous to be themselves and confidently own their choices. It's a lesson in self-assurance that will serve them well beyond the Halloween season, and it's just one of the many reasons why this gift set is a must-have for this festive time of year.


Collect Treats with Slumberkins Glow in the Dark Boo Basket

The Slumberkins Glow in the Dark Boo Basket is a bewitching treat for your little one. This delightful basket is intentionally designed without detachable plastic pieces to give caretakers peace of mind. The soft glow makes your little trick-or-treater more visible at night and provides comfort in the dark. It’s an excellent choice for children who may be a bit spooked during the Halloween season.


Spooktacular Fun! Why We Adore the Slumberkins Halloween Kin

The Verdict

The Slumberkins Halloween collection offers a charming blend of spooky fun and valuable developmental opportunities for children. From critical thinking to confidence-building, these plush companions and their accompanying storybooks provide a magical and educational experience. At ANB Baby, we wholeheartedly recommend these Slumberkins products to parents and caregivers looking to create cherished Halloween memories while nurturing their child's growth and creativity. These cuddly creatures will surely become treasured companions that light up your little one's world, both figuratively and literally, this Halloween season and beyond.

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