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Sturdy, Space-Saving Design: Why We Love the Stokke Flexi Bath Tub Bundle

by Vannessa Rhoades 18 Feb 2023
Sturdy, Space-Saving Design: Why We Love the Stokke Flexi Bath Tub Bundle

When it comes to baby bathtubs, there are plenty of amazing choices on the market. The trouble is that most of them take up a lot of space…something that may already be at a premium when you’re living with a baby and all their gear. That’s why one of our favorites is the Stokke Flexi Bath Tub Bundle! Stokke Flexi Bath is a foldable baby bath suitable for birth to four years. The space-saving design makes it easy to store and convenient to use at home or when traveling, encouraging more shared bath time moments. 

Smart Design

Made by the Scandinavian company Stokke, the Flexi Bath weighs in at just under 3 pounds and is flexible yet still quite sturdy. The bathtub has a non-slip base and heat-sensitive plug for easy draining directly into the bathtub or sink without having to turn it over to dump it out. The plug works by turning colors, giving parents a visual cue, and letting them know that the water temperature is getting warmer and needs to be checked. (Please note that the plug is not a thermometer. Always double-check the water temperature with your hand to ensure that it is the right temperature for your baby´s comfort and safety.) The Flexi comes in several color combinations like transparent pink, transparent blue, white aqua, and more. This tub requires no assembly because it simply folds flat! 

Great for Newborns

The optional Stokke Flexi Bath Bundle with support for newborns provides additional comfort for newborn infants. The support feature keeps babies propped up and reclined at an angle so that they’re comfortable and able to kick at the water a bit. The safety water fill line is low, keeping the bath water just high enough to cover their bottom and provide a little warmth (which makes for a more enjoyable bath).

Compact and Portable

A major selling point of the Flexi Bath is the fact that it breaks down easily. Thanks to the multiple rubber-reinforced, bendable joints in its sides, the tub folds flat making it incredibly simple to travel with and store. Even with all this flexibility, the tub is sturdy and durable.

What Parents Are Saying About the Stokke Flexi Bath Bundle Tub

Parents who regularly use the Flexi Bath love its portability and sturdiness. Here’s more about what makes the Stokke Flexi Bathtub a favorite:

“I bought the item mainly because it folds down so nicely. It saves storage space at home and when traveling. It's sturdy, doesn't smell of plastic, and is big and deep enough to use when the kiddo is a bit older. I also love that the infant insert is removable.”

“This foldable tub is an absolute game changer! I have had baby tubs in the past and my biggest complaint has always been that I have nowhere to go with them. I live in an older home so there's very little bathroom storage (no closets in the bathrooms at all) and the tubs I've had for my other children would just have to sit out between uses. With the Flexi tub, I'm able to fold and store it in the cabinet under my sink- including the newborn seat! I also really love that the newborn seat accommodates small babies- my preemie has slid down in other "newborn" tubs but this one has the perfect slope and is a perfect size. I'm able to give my newborn a bath in the Flexi tub outside of our regular tub while bathing my (way too excited and rough to bathe with) toddler inside the regular tub next to me and since there's a color-changing temperature plug, I didn't have to buy an additional temp sensing product. Like I said- absolute game changer!”

“I am really glad I went with this product over the cutesy ones. I bought this for my fast-growing 8-month-old. He currently sits up in the sling/support and that provides him with enough to stabilize himself while also being there to catch him if he gets a bit wild and falls backward. I bought this to be able to fill a tub higher to keep him warm. He likes to play for much longer than it takes to bathe him. The base stows away easily when company is coming.”

“We love the Stokke Flexi Bath for bathing our 3-month-old. It's very easy to pop open and attach the newborn support seat. The bath has a fill line which is helpful to keep the baby safe. The drain cover also changes color so you can be confident that the temperature is just right for the baby. Both of these features give me peace of mind as a first-time mom during bathtime with our small infant. Our baby is very comfortable laying on the newborn support seat and loves to kick his feet and splash during baths. We have used the Stokke Flexi Bath in tubs, showers, or even just out on the floor and it is easy to use in all of these different locations. We have a small home, and I love how easy it is to store this in our baby's small closet when not in use, it takes up barely any space! We also visit our families in neighboring states frequently and this packs up so easily in our small sedans. This was a great find and we're so happy with the bath and love that it will grow with our baby from the first bath through toddlerhood.”

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a full-size baby tub that takes up a minimal amount of space, travels easily, and can accommodate a newborn, we think you’ll love the Stokke Flexi Bath Bundle. It’s a versatile tub that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and enjoyable for your little one.

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