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The Only Baby Seat and Rocker You'll Ever Need: the Nuna Leaf Grow

by Vannessa Rhoades 11 Feb 2023
The Only Baby Seat and Rocker You'll Ever Need: the Nuna Leaf Grow

Nuna is famous for their high-quality car seats, but more recently, they’ve begun offering other popular baby gear, such as play yards, strollers, and best of all, baby seats. Introducing the Nuna Leaf Grow Child Seat! What makes this seat stand out is the sway. Instead of jostling your little one up and down, the Nuna Leaf Grow Rocker-Child Seat-Swing features a gentle side-to-side gliding action (like a falling leaf!) that mimics the way a parent moves to soothe their baby to sleep. 

The Nuna Leaf child seat features super comfortable 100% cotton mesh, which allows maximum breathability so your little one doesn’t get overheated. Because there’s no motor, wires, or batteries, the Leaf Grow makes almost no noise. Just give it a soft push to get it started, and the motion continues for nearly a full two minutes before you need to give it another push. It’s also fully adjustable so that it grows with your child. Use it for bouncing or napping when they’re infants. As they get a little older, the Nuna Leaf Grow works as a toddler seat.


Stylish Design on the Nuna Leaf Grow

The Nuna Leaf Grow is one of our favorite bouncers for its chic design and contemporary elegance. It’s large enough to be incredibly stable without looking clunky and awkward. With it’s muted color palette and modern curves, the Nuna Leaf Grow is fairly discreet. This bouncer looks beautiful even in the most high-end homes.

Nuna Leaf Grow Is Easy to Assemble

The Nuna Leaf Grow is easy and quick to put together. Just remove it from the box and connect the base to the bouncer. Instructions are straightforward as well – even an exhausted caregiver can follow them effortlessly! You’ll have this bouncer set up – with your baby happily gliding in comfort – within seconds.

Storage is also easy with the Nuna Leaf Grow because you can disconnect the bouncer from the base. That said, it is a bit bulky (which accounts for its stability), so you’ll need a proper amount of space if you want to put it away out of sight.

When your little one is ready to graduate to the toddler seat, you can bring out the seat pad’s three-point harness. This is a convenient upgrade from the Nuna Leaf Curv, where the harness couldn’t be taken off and needed to be folded beneath the seat.

Nuna Leaf Grow Is Simple to Clean

The Nuna Leaf Grow is incredibly simple to clean. Just remove the cover from the organic cotton insert and toss it into the washing machine. The bouncer's sleek design doesn’t really allow for any grime or dirt to accumulate anywhere, making other components of the bouncer easy to clean, too. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth after your baby makes a mess.

Safety Features on the Nuna Leaf Grow

The safety features of the Nuna Leaf Grow are top-notch. It’s simple to get your baby in and out of the seat and easy to secure them with the sturdy Velcro straps. The straps are also easily adjustable and completely removable when used by a toddler. The bouncer is quite sturdy and won’t slide around on any type of flooring (some bouncers tend to “wander” a bit on certain surfaces). Our favorite safety feature, though, is that the Nuna Leaf Grow is motion-activated. That means there aren’t any cords or wires for your baby to chew or for adults to trip on.

The Only Baby Seat and Rocker You'll Ever Need: the Nuna Leaf Grow

What Parents are Saying About the Nuna Leaf Grow Child Seat

Take a look at what other caregivers are loving about this beautiful baby bouncer:

“We put off buying this because of the steep price but our sensitive toddler had outgrown his baby swing and needed something he could unwind in. The high weight limit of the Grow made us think we’d get many years of use from it. This product does not disappoint. It feels and looks like a high-quality product. It has strong and comfy linings made from very easy-care fabric that washes up perfectly. The supporting structure is very sturdy and the latch and lever used for adjusting the swing and seat angle are also solid and easy to manipulate. Yes, it only swings for a short while without the child or you moving it to continue doing so, but people who list this as a flaw aren’t reading the very clear description of the product before purchasing. We personally sit with our son, helping him gently swing until he’s at a point where we can allow the swing to naturally and gradually slow and stop. This is beautiful and gentle and works well for our family. My only wish is that I’d purchased this when he was a newborn! We will be using this chair well into the future and already feel that the benefits this chair provides for our little boy have absolutely offset the price tag.”

“I am really happy with the Nuna Leaf rocker. The color and the fact that it grows with the baby (the main reason for buying it). The quality is 5 stars, sturdy and high-quality material.”

“Was worried about the extra cost of the Nuna in comparison to cheaper seats, but my 4-year-old niece still uses and loves hers. Now that it’s here, I’m so pleased I got it! It looks perfect in the room, was easy to put together, and works well. It also feels really solid, and the fabrics are lovely. This is our third baby, and I’m always conscious of too many props that babies can become reliant on, so the fact the chair stops after 2 minutes and doesn’t need any electrics, etc. is a major plus. Now just need the baby to arrive to make it perfect.”

Nuna Leaf Grow Child Seat: The Verdict

Compared to other bouncers, the Nuna Leaf Grow Rocker-Child Seat-Swing is a stylish, sturdy bounce chair that’s a bit on the pricier side. However, it’s important to note that it’s also a seat you can use from birth to big-kid size (up to a whopping 130 lbs). That means it’s useful for far longer, and you don’t need to replace it as your child gets older and heavier. If you’re a parent who adores luxury and chic style, then this bouncer checks all the boxes.

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