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The Pros and Cons of Buying Holiday Gifts for Your Newborn Baby

by Vannessa Rhoades 28 Nov 2022
The Pros and Cons of Buying Holiday Gifts for Your Newborn Baby

Parents of newborns may find themselves at a strange crossroads this holiday season. Many wonder “Should I buy my newborn Christmas gifts?” You’ve got a tiny new infant whom you want to include in the celebrations and gift openings…and yet, what does a newborn baby need that they probably don’t already have? They’re lavished with love and gifts before they’re even born. Besides, newborns don’t really know the difference between a holiday and a regular Tuesday. So how obligated are you to buy holiday gifts for your baby?

Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Your Baby a Holiday Gift

1. Your baby probably doesn’t need anything and won’t know the difference anyway.

The chances of your infant even understanding there’s an expectation of gifts at the holidays is pretty much non-existent. Let’s face it: those sweet babies sometimes don’t even realize the pacifier they’re craving is already in their little hands. Plus, many babies have already got everything they could possibly need. Stay diligent with feedings, changings, and cuddlings, and your baby will be happy with the daily attention and blessings they already receive.

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2. Babies don’t understand presents.

Most older babies (and even many toddlers) simply don’t understand the concept of opening presents. They open one gift and want to play with it. The thought of opening anything else immediately goes by the wayside in favor of playing with the new toy. Then mom or dad ends up opening the gift they so painstakingly took the time to wrap in the first place.

Plus, babies are terrible at peeling off wrapping paper anyway. The process takes forever. Mom or dad will probably need to jump in to help at some point (which often makes baby mad). Some parents just skip the gifting part altogether, and give their baby an empty box from a grown-up’s gift to play with (which many little ones enjoy more than an actual present)! 

3. It can be expensive.

Toys can be expensive. The good news is that depending on how young your sweet baby is, they probably don’t even care about toys yet. Save your money for next year when they’ll be a little more cognizant of what’s happening around them.

Reasons You Should Buy Your Baby a Holiday Gift

1. Because you want to.

Holidays are all about love and the spirit of giving. It’s fun to give your baby presents, and babies can feel the energy from your excitement. Holiday gifts don’t have to be a flashy new toy or a giant swing set in the yard. Your little one will be just as entertained watching you unwrap their new music box or a package of bibs.

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2. It soothes your guilt.

In the weeks leading up to the holidays, it’s easy to tell yourself that buying gifts for a tiny baby is just not practical, logical, or economical. Eventually, though, your peace of mind and guilt may end up costing you more than a gift would have. People will ask you what you gifted your baby for the holidays, and it may feel weird to just say “room and board.” If your baby has older siblings, you may want to invest in a couple of small necessities wrapped as presents at least for show.

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3. It makes a great photo opp.

How cute is it to take adorable pictures of your baby in a pile of bows and wrapping paper or sitting wide-eyed under a Christmas tree? Opening holiday gifts is a great chance to get fun photos of your baby to share with friends and relatives.

The Bottom Line

If you're still on the fence about whether or not to buy your baby gifts this season, consider that it might just be an excellent way to start building holiday traditions with your little one. Plus, it's never too soon to start teaching your child the pleasure of giving. If your baby is too little for toys, clothes and books are always useful presents. You could also gift them with something that they'll be able to use as they grow older, like an educational toy. Whatever you decide, make sure you surround your baby with lots of love and everything they need (even if it’s not everything you want), and start building lasting memories with your new family member.

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