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Diaper Bag Essentials: What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

by ANB Baby 03 Aug 2021

Clothing - Diaper Bag Essentials: What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

As parents, it never hurts to be prepared since babies have a tendency of being unpredictable and you don't want to be caught off guard in case your baby needs something. Whether it's fresh diapers or your baby's favorite toy, a diaper bag can store all your baby essentials when you’re away from home. Here are some of our top picks to include in your diaper bag checklist, so you have the essentials in stock.


It's right there in the name, a diaper bag wouldn't be a diaper bag without including diapers. Diapers make it easier for parents to change their babies out of a soiled diaper and replace it with a fresh one. Make sure you get diapers that are highly absorbent and gentle on the baby’s soft skin thereby providing hours of comfort.

Diaper Wipes

When you're on the go you might not have an available source of water to wash your baby before you change their diaper and here is where baby wipes come in. Baby wipes provide a convenient and disposable solution to any mess but at the same time be sure to select a brand that offers soft, hypoallergenic wipes to suit your baby’s sensitive skin.

Diaper Cream

Diaper cream is your baby's best friend if they have a diaper rash or any other irritation on the bottom. You can save space by including travel-sized tubes in your baby bag, making it easy to soothe any nappy rash on the go.


Pacifiers are extremely effective in soothing fussy babies as the sucking motion calms them down and helps lull them to sleep. This can make pacifiers a soothing distraction for babies in public spaces to prevent them from crying. Keep special pacifier wipes handy in your bag as well to ensure the pacifier is sanitary.

Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are important for cleaning up any unexpected messes including spit-up or even wiping the crumbs off your baby's face. Also great for throwing it over your shoulder while burping your baby after a bottle on the go. This highly versatile product is a must-have for every diaper bag if you intend to keep the mess to a minimum.


Keeping children entertained on the go is essential for a smooth trip so be sure to pack your child's favorite stuffed toy or even a teething toy so your baby has something to chew on. Toys are an excellent distraction that possesses the power to make a crying baby giggle, so be sure to bring some along on your trip.


Nothing makes a toddler fussier than an empty belly so be sure to carry a snack cup with fresh fruit or cereal to provide high energy levels. Choose a snack cup container with a lid that can keep treats fresh longer for your baby to enjoy.


Provide your baby with an additional sense of comfort by carrying a soft blanket in the diaper bag. Babies are especially sensitive to temperature changes so a blanket can keep them warm on a chilly day.

Most importantly once you’ve packed your diaper bag perfectly, make sure you don’t leave it behind!

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Diaper Bag Essentials: What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

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