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Why We Love LumiPets: Perfect Companion for Bedtime Snuggles

by Vannessa Rhoades 29 Jul 2023

The dark can be a scary place for little ones, and the soft glow of a comforting night light can make all the difference in the world. And what could be better than a night light in the form of a soft, snuggly friend?

LumiPets make the perfect bedtime companions for children, thanks to their adorable shape and captivating cuteness. Made from soft and squishy non-toxic silicone material, these cuddly buddies are completely safe for kids, free from BPA, latex, lead, and phthalates. Your little one can hold and cuddle a LumiPet night light without any worries. Each LumiPet is rechargeable and portable and comes with a micro USB cord for easy charging.


Why We Love LumiPets

Operating the LumiPets is a breeze. Kids can simply tap on them to choose from nine different colors or enjoy a flowing color spectrum. Alternatively, they can use the included remote control to select their preferred color options, adjust brightness levels, and even set a sleep timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The remote control is user-friendly and adds an exciting element for children. Another amazing feature? LumiPets are dishwasher-safe, a rare and appreciated quality in any piece of baby gear since it means cleaning them is a breeze.

Why We Love LumiPets: Perfect Companion for Bedtime Snuggles

What Parents Are Saying About LumiPets

There’s so much to love about the quality and versatility of this sweet, soothing night light. From the LumiPets Bunny night light to the Bear, Dragon, Owl, or other friends, you’ll find the perfect companion that will help comfort your little one through the night. Take a look at what parents and other caregivers are loving about this product.

“Cannot say enough good things about the Lumi pets. I have purchased one for each of my children, and I absolutely love them. The kids get to select their own color for the nighttime, and they have a little friend that they go to bed with every single night. It’s soft, so I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. The colors are accurate, love that it’s able to be dimmed, and easy enough for my kids to use on their own, AND RECHARGEABLE!!! Saving so much on batteries now!”

“Got this for when my nephew sleeps over. I let him choose the animal he wanted (he loves cats) and he loves this! He is afraid of the dark so this is definitely bright enough for him and he loves that there is an option to have the cat change colors!! I thought that would be distracting to him but it is not. Great product and I have used it overnight with it not plugged in, and it lasted! It comes with the charging wire but does not come with the charging port so make sure you have a charging port that plugs into an outlet that fits a regular USB wire.”

“I originally bought these over a year ago as a night light for a newborn. Honestly, they never got used that way. I would turn it on when I was needing to change nighttime diapers. It provided a soft yet bright light (and can be made dimmer or brighter). I was at first disappointed that they are soft silicone. I didn’t read the description – I just wanted an owl night light and these came up. Anyway, they got used a little but not much, and I forgot about them until about a week ago. I was looking for a toy with colorful, bright lights that my toddler could play with. Then I remembered I bought these two owl LumiPets. Now I’m glad they are soft silicone. My baby loves to squeeze and hit them. The colors are beautiful, and it’s great having more than one. I actually ended up buying the unicorn and fox version too (soon to arrive). They create a really fun ambiance, and my baby loves them. We play music and have them alternating colors at night. For my purpose they are fantastic.”

“My daughter from the ages of 2 to 4 has loved these light-up pets! They work well good quality and are easy for little hands to play with the remote for changing colors. Also soft for smaller children aged 6mo to 2yrs. They can put in their mouths, and it’s soft and safe!”

Why We Love LumiPets: Perfect Companion for Bedtime Snuggles

The Verdict

LumiPets are an absolute magnet for kids. Trust us, your child will be captivated by these adorable lights that offer multiple colors and an easy-to-use remote control. Bedtime will be filled with happiness and comfort thanks to LumiPets.

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