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Why We Love the Skip Hop Fold-Away Baby Jumper

by Vannessa Rhoades 31 Jan 2024
Why We Love the Skip Hop Fold-Away Baby Jumper

One of the most frustrating complaints parents have about a baby jumper is how bulky it can be. Let’s face it – they’re huge, clunky, and most of them are multi-colored, light-blinking eyesores. The catch, though, is that babies adore them. And really, so do parents – they can be invaluable when you need a safe way to keep your baby occupied for a few minutes while you throw something together for dinner. Fortunately, we’ve got great news: Skip Hop has released a beautiful new jumper that you can actually fold away and hide when you’re not using it. Is this brilliant or what?

In one amazing piece of gear, Skip Hop has managed to create a device that’s both fun for babies and perfect for adults. That can be a tricky balance to strike, but the Skip Hop Fold-Away Baby Jumper Explore & More Jumpscape has done it. It’s the perfect blend of adorable and chic that keeps your little one happy and keeps you from recoiling every time you see it.

Skip Hop Fold-Away Baby Jumper, Explore & More Jumpscape, -- ANB Baby

Skip Hop Fold-Away Baby Jumper Explore & More Jumpscape

An Entertaining, Yet Calm Baby Jumper

While many jumpers can be almost painfully overstimulating when it comes to flashing lights and sound effects, the Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper is a lot more chill. Sure, there are a few blinking lights on one attached toy, but they’re soft and sporadic. The music is light, cheerful, and not too loud. When your little one really gets going, the jumper responds with more lights and music and even a round of applause after 100 jumps.

The Stylish, Ergonomic Design of the Skip Hop Fold-Away

The adjustable seat features five different levels to accommodate your growing little one. It can also rotate all the way around so that your baby can turn themselves to see anything they like and play with all the various clip-on toys. Fully-covered springs not only protect your little one’s fingers from being pinched, but they give the jumper a clean, modern look.

Easy Storage Capabilities for the Skip Hop Jumper

Perhaps our favorite feature of the Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Fold Away Jumper is how easily you can fold and store it! This makes it perfect for travel, tucking out of sight when you need more room, or storing longer-term between babies. No need to unscrew anything, just fold it up and slide it under the bed.

Skip Hop Explore and More Jumper

What Parents Are Saying About the Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper

Take a look at what parents and other caregivers are saying about this fun, stylish baby jumper!

“It’s easy to put together and folds up fairly easily as well. I love that you can put the toys anywhere you want on them or remove them all if you want. My grandson jumps in this thing all the time, it's a crucial part of our daily routine. He uses that built-up energy jumping and now sleeps through the night. I paid the higher price because of the fact that it could fold up and be stored in a closet when not in use but he’s using it more than I thought he would so I just fold it up after he goes to bed for the night. I’m highly impressed with its design and overall function, I highly recommend it!”

“One of the best purchases we made for our child! We researched all sorts of options for a jumper since I was desperately needing something the baby could play in while working in the kitchen, etc. This fits the bill on all accounts. Toys are engaging, colorful, each to reach, and safe to chew on. You can move toys around the tray. Kiddo getting bored? Switch up the order and orientation, and it’s a whole new game. The swivel seat is great to allow the child to turn around and check that parent is still there, then turn back and keep playing. It’s also adjustable in height. We’ve moved the height a few times as our daughter has grown, and she still has room to spare. Toys are dishwasher safe. We’ve dropped them in for cleaning, and they work great! The seat cover removes and can be dropped in the washing machine. And it’s collapsible! We’ve used this feature when dropping our daughter off at a babysitter. To collapse completely, you have to remove all toys and the seat, but an easy workaround is to remove the toys (takes 30 seconds) and then just collapse the jumper most of the way, leaving the seat on. It can collapse more if you take it off, but it works just fine and can fit in a car trunk if you leave the seat on. Absolutely love this purchase. Our daughter spends at least 1.5 hours in it a day while I work close by, and she loves it! I’ve already recommended it to many of our friends.”

The Verdict on the Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper

The bottom line? You can be sure you’ll have a happy little bouncer (and plenty of peace of mind) with this beautiful, yet easy-to-use piece of baby gear. Grab yours today at ANB Baby or add it to your baby registry!


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