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Why You Need a Hooded Baby Towel (and 4 of Our Favorites!)

by Vannessa Rhoades 22 Oct 2023


Why You Need a Hooded Baby Towel (and 4 of Our Favorites!)

When it comes to preparing for and caring for a new baby, it can be overwhelming to choose the right products among the countless options available. How do you know what your baby really needs, what might make life a little easier for you as a parent, and what’s just a trendy product you won’t get much use from? 

Obviously, a product that helps keep your little one safe and healthy is a good investment. Babies are delicate, particularly when it comes to skincare. In fact, research indicates that until about two years of age, babies have substantially thinner, more delicate skin than older children and adults. This makes prioritizing lightweight and breathable materials important, especially during bathtime. A hooded baby towel is just the right tool for the job. But what exactly is a hooded baby towel? Is it a necessity or simply a cute addition? Here's the scoop – and a few of our favorites!

What’s a Hooded Baby Towel?

A baby hooded towel is a small bath towel with a hood attached, designed to keep an infant's head warm and dry after a bath or swimming. It is specially made with the size, material, and hood features suitable for a small child's sensitive skin. Similar to dressing a baby in comfortable pajamas and swaddling them for sleep, a hooded towel aims to keep them warm and protected. Natruba, for example, offers a high-quality hooded baby towel woven from a 4-layer 100% organic muslin, which is lightweight, extra-soft, and gentle on delicate skin. It keeps your little one warm and cozy after bathing or swimming and during diapering.

Why You Need a Hooded Baby Towel (and 4 of Our Favorites!)

Why Use a Hooded Baby Towel?

Baby hooded bath towels are a fantastic addition to your little one’s bath gear! Not only are they adorable, but they also serve several practical purposes:

  •  Infants are susceptible to chills before they develop "baby fat," so it's important to dry them quickly and gently. A soft, lightweight newborn baby towel is perfect for this.
  • Hooded towels help maintain the baby's body temperature, preventing goosebumps and shivers during the transition from a warm bath to a cozy crib. 
  • Hooded baby towels have a lower pile and a smooth surface, making them gentle and absorbent without being abrasive on delicate skin. The best baby towels are soft and breathable, with excellent absorbency and durability.
  • The hooded design and small size make it easier to move the baby from the tub to the changing table, especially during the wiggly stage.
  • Using a designated towel for bathtime can help establish a routine as babies become more familiar with the process. A baby hooded towel can make bathtime routines smoother and serve as a bridge between warm baths and cozy pajamas.
  • Baby-sized towels take up less space in the laundry and can be cleaned with gentle detergent alongside other baby clothes.

Hooded towels are not only recommended for infants but are also often enjoyed by toddlers. If your child prefers using a hooded towel over regular bath sheets, there is no need to discontinue its use until they physically outgrow it. Depending on the size, a hooded towel can be used for up to five years, making it a long-lasting and versatile investment.

Why You Need a Hooded Baby Towel (and 4 of Our Favorites!)

Buying and Washing Baby Towels

The number of baby towels you need depends on a number of factors: bathing frequency, post-bath accidents, and laundry frequency. Generally, having two to four hooded baby towels should be sufficient. Fortunately, baby towels are often more affordable than full-sized towels, making it easier to stock up without spending too much.

Due to their underdeveloped immune systems, it is crucial to wrap newborns and infants in clean towels. In the early months, when bathing is less frequent, washing their towel once a week is typically sufficient. As your little one starts crawling and eventually toddling around, they’re likely to accumulate more dirt throughout the day, requiring more frequent baths. During this stage, using a freshly laundered towel after every bath may not be necessary. However, a general guideline is to wash the towel every three to five uses to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Use mild liquid soap, just like you would for the rest of your little one's laundry. Avoid scented and dyed detergents as they can be harsh and irritating to their sensitive skin. For regular cleaning, cold water is suitable. However, running a warm or hot cycle is recommended if the towel becomes soiled or requires disinfection. You can tumble-dry a baby hooded towel on a low or medium heat setting. To add extra fluffiness to your child's laundry, consider using wool dryer balls, a natural alternative to dryer sheets. They help reduce drying time while enhancing the softness of the fabrics.

Why You Need a Hooded Baby Towel (and 4 of Our Favorites!)

Our Favorite Baby Hooded Baby Bath Towels

ANB Baby offers a range of high-quality baby towels that are worth considering. Whether you need ultra-gentle washcloths, top-notch hooded towels, or a complete bathtime bundle, ANB Baby has you covered.

Natruba Muslin Baby Hooded Bath Towel

Natruba provides bath essentials crafted with care, using 4-layer 100% organic muslin. These towels are produced in a factory certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring their quality and eco-friendliness.


Mushie Hooded Towel

Made from 100% organic cotton, the Mushie Hooded Towel is gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for cozy cuddles after bath time. The fabric is absorbent and durable, staying soft wash after wash.

Elegant Baby Elephant Bath Wrap

For the ultimate in bathtime fun, bundle your baby in this baby elephant bath wrap by Elegant Baby. Made of 100% cotton velour terry with a cotton terry back, this adorable towel will keep them cozy, warm. They’ll also love the whimsical details, like the elephant face, trunk, ears, and tail. (Not into elephants? Check out the adorable Elegant Baby Unicorn Bath Wrap!)

STOKKE Hooded Towel

Wrap your baby in warmth, softness, and safety after bathing with the STOKKE Hooded Towel, featuring a shaped hood to fit your baby's head perfectly. This towel set includes a super soft, practical washcloth mitten. Both are made from Oeko-Tex-approved, soft 100% cotton terry cloth. There’s also a practical loop on the hood to hang dry or store

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