Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals

Many of us can think back to childhood and remember a special toy or stuffed animal we loved while growing up. Whether it’s a teddy bear we slept with every night, or a stuffed rabbit we kept at the foot of our beds, the bond formed with a favorite plush toy is special.  

ANB Baby is providing families with an opportunity to give the same gift to their own child! Browse our selection of premium plush toys, perfectly designed to keep your little one’s attention and provide memorable comfort and soothing.   

Stuffed Animals 

When you’re choosing a plush toy for your child, the quality of the material matters. The Gund Baby Meme Monkey is made of the softest, most huggable fabric. For easy cleaning, the Baby Meme Monkey is surface washable, meaning your child can take him just about anywhere without worry.  

If your child is a Disney fan, they’re sure to be thrilled with the Disney Tigger Plush Toy. Perfect as your baby’s first introduction to Disney, or for any collector. Made of premium, durable material, this cozy companion will last for years.  

Many kids spend Saturday mornings watching PBS Cartoons. Fans of Pajanimals will be delighted with TOMY’s line of Pajanimal Plush Toys. From Sweetpea Sue, to Cowbella and Apollo, your baby’s favorite character has been brought to life in squeezable form. Treat your child to their very own toy, or surprise your niece or nephew with something they’ll truly cherish.  

Sensory and Soothing 

If your children are looking for more than simply something to cuddle, one of our sensory or soothing plush options is sure to fit the bill. For hours of entertainment, try the Chuckle Buddies Monkey Electronic Plush and watch your baby giggle along with this adorable toy. Simply turn him on and watch him roll around in laughter. Completely soft without any small parts, the Chuckle Buddy is safe for children of all ages. 

After a long day of monkeying around, it’s important to be able to soothe your baby at bedtime.The TOMY Night Time Plush is soft enough for your little one to hold in their arms, and emits a soft glow to comfort them throughout the night. For toddlers rebelling against naptime, Cloud B Plush Toy Marvin the Monkey is scientifically proven to promote better sleep. Coming fully equipped with two sleep timer shut offs, it’s easily attachable to any crib with a simple velcro attachment. 

Keychains and On The Go Fun 

Plush Toys aren’t limited to cuddling in your baby’s bed or crib. Take the fun with you with our selection of portable stuffed toys. Easily clippable to any bag or stroller, the Gund Pusheen Surprise is the cutest way to bring your little one’s favorite toy anywhere. Even better, the Pusheen Surprise is available in eight different formats, meaning your kid can collect them all. 

Spice up a boring backpack with a scented plush keychain from Scentco! Enjoy the sweet smell of the Creamsicle Scented Plush Clip, or give your kid a real treat with the scented Donut. Sure to be a conversation starter on the playground, the scent is guaranteed to last up to two years.  

Stuffed animals and plush toys have been a staple in children’s toys for generations. Whether buying for your own baby, or giving as a gift to a kid you love, ANB Baby has an option that is sure to bring joy to every child’s life.