Swaddles & Sleeping Bags

As your baby grows and changes, their night time essentials should change with them. From late night diaper changes, to lazy late-morning cuddles, different sleeping solutions fit into different stages of life with your little one.  

Swaddles soothe and protect fussy newborns, while sleep bags offer the best in convenience and versatility. A favorite fuzzy blanket can be a beloved comfort item through childhood and beyond. No matter what stage of life your child is in, ANB Baby has a fit that’s right for your family.  


Swaddles and Sleep Bags 

According to the latest report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should not keep blankets or other soft extraneous material in their crib until they are one year old. However, this doesn’t mean your baby can’t be comfortable! Using a swaddle, like the ERGOBABY Original Swaddle Wrap, is a soothing way to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. This swaddling wrap features a comfortable, ergonomic design that is meant to allow natural leg and hip motion, while preventing rolling, fussing, and accidental night time scratching.  

Similar to swaddles, sleep bags have become the latest innovation in keeping your baby secure and cozy all night long. When it comes to a late night diaper change, dressing and undressing your baby can be time consuming and disruptive to the sleep cycle of both you and your little one. ERGOBABY sleep bags unzip in seconds for minimal interruptions, so your child can be changed and back to dreamland before they know it. For maximum versatility, simply shift the sleep bag into walker mode and watch your baby go from nap time to toddling about the house without missing a beat.  

Cold weather have you feeling housebound? Don’t let chilly temperatures keep you and your baby inside. The PHIL AND TEDS Snuggle and Snooze Sleeping Bag adds warmth and comfort to your child’s stroller, making winter walks possible again! 


Blankets and Pillows 

When your child is old enough to begin sleeping with blankets and pillows, finding options that are both stylish and practical is important. From cuddling on the couch to snuggling in bed, the STOKKE Blanket Cotton Knit is created from luxurious, organic cotton grown without harmful pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers. Available in pink, blue, and a beautiful unisex gray, there’s an option that will fit right in with any nursery decor. For a velvety soft and snuggly blanket with an adorable surprise, the CLOUD B Lovies Turtle blanket goes from nap time to play time in seconds, and is sure to become the blanket your baby takes with them everywhere. All of the options on our shop are machine washable, meaning accidents and spills are no big deal. 

For the ultimate in safety, security, and comfort, ANB Baby has everything you need to make sure your child is getting their best sleep possible, every night. From infancy, to toddlerhood and beyond, browse our swaddles, sleep bags, and blankets for options both you and your child are sure to love.