Travel Systems

Road trips are a great way to spend time with your little one. Be it runs across the city, or long drives in the countryside, you and your baby create incredible memories on these journeys. A great car seat and travel stroller system can make sharing these memories even easier.

Unlike stroller frames, to which a car seat is attached and removed, a travel system is a convenient, all inclusive system including both a car seat and separate stroller. This means your car seat can remain snugly in your vehicle while your stroller folds compactly for the ride. When you get where you’re headed, simply unload the stroller and hit the ground running.

No matter where your busy life takes you, a great travel system from ANB Baby is along for the ride. The right fit for your unique lifestyle is just a click away in our shop.


Enhanced Safety

In the car and on the street, the safety of your child is our top priority. Find groundbreaking safety on display in the BRITAX B-Lively and B-Safe Travel System. Featuring SafeCell Impact Protection and a SafeCenter latch for both car seat and stroller, you have peace of mind in traffic and on your next walk.

For enhanced breathability and portability even in hot summer months, the BRITAX B-Free Sport Travel System includes an incredibly lightweight stroller with an impact absorbing steel frame built to tackle all terrain with ease. In the car, find security in the adjustable 6 position quick-adjust harness and steel bar impact protection. Wherever life takes you, feel confident knowing your baby is well protected.


Storage And Features

Life on the go means taking what you need with you. Turn extra baggage into no big deal! Six convenient storage compartments and a large under seat stroller basket makes the BOB Gear Revolution Flex Travel System perfect for families with a little more to carry. The one hand reclining adjustment allows you additional freedom and emphasizes comfort for your child.

Your baby changes as they grow. The CYBEX Balios S Lux 2020 features a reversible seat unit, allowing your baby to bond with you and explore the world as they get older. During trips across the city, simply fold the stroller unit down and enjoy compact portability.


A Fit For Every Family

You deserve a travel system that fits your family’s unique needs and lifestyle. Hiking and jogging enthusiasts will love the ease and ergonomic of the BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller. The perfect companion for all of your family adventures, the mountain-bike style suspension and air-filled tires provide your stroller with an extra-smooth ride, while the B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat keeps your little one safe on the long ride home.

For a travel system that models fashion as well as function, the SILVER CROSS Wave Eclipse 2021 flaunts unique 3-D sculpted black fabric, as well as a high gloss chassis and rose gold highlights. When your family grows, take advantage of adaptable tandem seating.

Purchasing a car seat and stroller separately can be a hassle. Skip the searching and invest in a travel stroller system that does it all. Keep your child safe in the car and on your next adventure with convertible stroller and car seat solutions that are built to last, available in our shop.