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5 Must Have Stroller Accessories

by ANB Baby Sales 03 Mar 2022

Getting out with your baby, or children, can take planning and organization. Remembering everything from snacks to sunscreen and spare clothes to diapers, can mean leaving the house, even for a little trip to the park, quite the mission. Luckily though, there are plenty of great products that can make life easier, like these 5 stroller accessories.

1. Stroller hooks

These are perfect for moms on the go. Ideal for hooking grocery bags onto the stroller, along with many other things, including water bottles or diaper bags. The universal OXO TOT Handy Stroller Hooks fit most strollers and feature a soft silicone grip that stops bags from slipping, and also means the clips can be used as a handle for bigger kids to hold onto the stroller. The adjustable straps are also useful for attaching anywhere on the stroller.

2. Protection from the elements

A rain or wind cover is a must for getting out no matter what the weather. They will pack up small so you can keep them under the stroller for those times when you get caught out in rain. Look for rain covers that let your baby see out from the stroller still and that are specifically designed to keep draughts out, for your baby’s optimum comfort. The Valco Baby Wind and Rain Cover is a good choice if you have a 3-wheeled stroller.

3. Sunshade

This is a must. Some strollers have SPF hoods as standard, but often these don’t keep all of the sun of your little one in the stroller, particularly if they are laying down napping. A purposefully designed sunshade will keep all of the sun’s powerful and damaging rays off your little one. Sun shade parasols like these, can be adjusted as the sun changes position, or as you change direction. Many can also be attached to car seats too. This is useful if you attach your infant seat to the stroller.

4. Stroller organizers

Not to be confused with diaper bags, these caddy-type stroller organizers are specifically designed to attach to your stroller handlebars. They make the things you need to grab whilst out and about with your little one easy to reach (like your wallet or your baby’s pacifier). The Diono Buggy Buddy is really handy with its 4 drinks holders, 2 zippered pockets for valuables, as well as coming with buggy hooks and a detachable strap, which means the Buggy Buddy can also be worn as a bag if needed. One of these will spare you from rummaging in your stroller’s basket!

5. Buggy boards / stroller boards

These are brilliant for moms who are out with two (or more!) young kids. A buggy board is a fun way to keep your bigger children moving when their legs are tired, or to keep them close in busy places. There are lots of buggy boards to choose from; some are just designed to be stood on whereas others have seats and even steering wheels. Look for a stroller board that has two wheels for extra stability and one that is not so big that it makes it hard for you to push the stroller. View our collection of strollerboards here.

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