• Feeding Information For the New Mother

    Breast feeding may not usually be the best option for an infant if they have galactosemia, or if the mother is either under hard drugs, has active untreated TB or HIV. Countries with a high propensity for infant mortality from infectious and nutritional deficiencies usually experience more mortality risks related to non-breast feeding than risks of HIV infection. Though some prescribed and OTC drugs...
  • Choosing Feeding Equipment

    Argentex Mining Corporation is pleased to provide an update of its exploration activities from its three most advanced mineral properties in the prospective Deseado Massif region of Santa Cruz province, Patagonia, Argentina. The Pinguino, Cerro Contreras and Condor properties are the current focus of advanced exploration activities. Feeding EquipmentPinguino Silver ProjectIn preparation for extensive new drilling scheduled to commence shortly, Argentex has completed a...
  • Modern Baby Bibs And Other Feeding Accessories

    Feeding time can be a very stressful or a really enjoyable time to spend with your baby and it will primarily be based on how well they eat as to whether it will prove enjoyable or a disaster. Some kids love to eat and will eat anything that is put in front of them, while some will only eat very specific foods, and others...
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