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5 Tips For Running With a Jogging Stroller

by ANB Baby Sales 21 Oct 2021
Person - 5 Tips For Running With a Jogging Stroller


Getting back into exercise after having a baby can feel quite challenging. Luckily, running is one of those exercises that you can start on your own pace and easily do even with your little one around.

A jogging stroller can help you stay active and fit - And the great thing is, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your child! However, running with a jogging stroller definitely is hard work too. Making sure you’re prepared will get you off to a great start! Here are our top five tips for running with a baby jogging stroller.

1. Make sure your baby is old enough

Before you put on your running shoes, it’s important to make sure that your little one is old enough before using your jogging stroller. Since most jogging strollers don’t offer a fully reclining seat, it is recommended that your baby is at least 8 months old. You baby needs to be able to sit up on their own, so until then it’s safer just to walk with you baby.

2. Keep your baby safe, comfortable and entertained

From snacks to stroller toys - making sure your little one is safe, comfortable and entertained will prevent them from getting impatient and crying their way out of their stroller. Before you start running with your jogging stroller, always make sure your baby is safe and strapped in properly. It’s also important to lock the front wheel in place, to prevent to jogging stroller from turning unexpectedly.

Also, check your childs posture and position. Are they comfortable? Bringing a blanket will keep them cozy and warm too. To prevent toys from falling or becoming a hazard when running, it’s best to only using stroller toys. If your child is a bit older, you can include them in this activity and make it more fun by counting squirrels or dogs and listening to your childs favourite music.

3. Dress for the weather

During the summer months, overheating can be a problem. So always make sure your baby is protected from the sun by applying sunscreen and using the stroller canopy or a sunshield. If you decide to use your jogging stroller in the colder months, it best to have a jogging stroller rain cover or some sort of protective shield to offer protection during those rainy or windy days. Running when the weather is extremely cold is not recommended.

4. Watch your posture

Your posture is extremely important when running with a jogging stroller. This way you can avoid any injuries or back ache. It is recommended to keep your arms bent and closer to the handle bar as this gives you more leverage to run and push the stroller. The farther away your body is from the stroller, the more difficult it is to push. Also, don’t forget to keep a straight posture when running.

5. Run when it’s quiet

It’s usually best and safest to run when it’s quiet. Running during peak hours can also cause lots of unwanted stops and breaks, so if possible try to run when there are no crowds. However, if you need to run during busy times of the days, try and avoid roads with lots of people and traffic in general. This can help avoid any collisions and of course it will make the activity much more pleasant both for you and your baby.

Are you looking for the right jogger stroller so you can start running with your little one? At ANB Baby, we can help. We have a wide range of lightweight and double jogging strollers to suit your needs.



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