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5 Ways to Refresh Your Little One's Room

by ANB Baby 20 Jul 2021
Furniture - 5 Ways to Refresh Your Little One's Room

Babies grow up so fast; they arrive from the hospital, and in the blink of an eye, they are crawling all over the house! It is important to provide a stimulating environment for your baby to explore and have their personal space without having their stuff strewn all over the house. Selecting baby room décor can be an exciting process to bring some life into your baby’s space and give them a fun place to sleep, play and store their belongings.

Here are five ways you can refresh your baby’s room and spark your creativity.

1. Baby Crib

The centerpiece of any baby room is the crib, where newborns or toddlers can spend most of their time sleeping. When selecting a baby crib, consider the stability of the furniture while ensuring it's the right size to fit the space. Babies tend to grow out of their cribs very fast, so it might be easier to opt for convertible cribs such as the Stokke Sleepi Crib/Bed that can transition into a bed. Additionally, the Stokke crib is stylish and comes in different colors that can blend into any color and decor.

2. Bedding

Once the foundation is in place, the mattress can be dressed up with a fitted sheet that is soft, snug, and fits the mattress's shape while staying in place even if your baby is a restless sleeper. Accessorize the crib with a comfortable and cute blanket that will keep your baby warm.

3. Changing Station

A changing station should be at the perfect height so that you can easily and comfortably change your baby. The ideal changing station has drawers or storage space for necessities like baby wipes, powder, and diapers so that you can easily reach for them.

Selecting a convertible dresser can allow you to have a detachable changing station on top of a dresser to store baby clothes, blankets, towels, and other items. The dresser can fit into any corner of the room, and once your baby doesn't need the changing station, it can still be a solid dresser that will never go out of style.

4. Baby Toys

Redecorating kids' rooms can bring the inner child out of every parent wishing to incorporate some fun elements in the baby's room.  A great way to do this is by including age-appropriate toys. Plush toys are great for newborns and toddlers as they are soft and cuddly. If your baby is learning to explore different shapes and colors, try setting up some learning toys in their room to provide a stimulating environment.

5. Activity Mats

Every baby needs a special area where they can enjoy playtime, and an activity mat is a perfect way to entertain your baby. These mats can be used by babies to lie on their backs and play with their favorite toys suspended above their heads which are a constant source of fascination for toddlers. The soft base also makes it ideal for spending some tummy time which can encourage them to crawl.

Whether you're looking to upgrade the nursery or introduce minor accessories to enhance your baby’s room, remember to stay true to your style and invest in solid pieces that your child will be able to use even after they've outgrown the baby stage.


5 Ways to Refresh Your Little One's Room

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