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6 of the Best Spill-Proof Snack Cups for Toddlers

06 Aug 2023
6 of the Best Spill-Proof Snack Cups for Toddlers

Teaching toddlers to feed themselves can be a messy endeavor. Constantly cleaning up spills can become tiresome, leaving you longing for a simpler solution. That's where snack cups come in! Designed to be spill-resistant, these containers are ideal for toddlers who are eager to assert their independence. They provide a convenient way for little ones to snack without the constant mess.

Today we’re reviewing six of our favorite spill-proof snack cups for toddlers. A high-quality snack holder should be simple for kids and parents, easy to clean, and should contain any potential spills (which, admittedly, is tough to do). In other words, if you’re toddler is strapped into their convertible car seat or stroller with a container of Goldfish crackers, how big of a mess are you going to be left with? Let’s take a look at the best travel snack containers designed to reduce your little one’s mess.

1. Mushie Snack Cups

The Mushie Snack Cup is designed with two small handles for an easy grip for little hands and is spill-proof for any baby to take on the go. The soft opening ensures your baby's hands can slide easily in and out while keeping food securely inside. The Mushie silicone snack cup is BPA-free and made with chemical-free food-grade silicone. It’s also completely dishwasher safe. This snack cup is a must-have for toddlers on the move.

2. Boon Munch (Blue/Red)

The Boon Munch is a wonderful snack holder for toddlers. It keeps snacks totally intact and easily accessible. Carry it around or set it in a cup holder and hit the road. The attached swivel lid allows for easy snack access and rotates shut so snacks don't jump out! Its rigid form protects snacks from being crushed. The Munch also fits easily in most cup holders so it’s great for travel!

3. Boon Penguin Snack Cup

There's nothing worse than having a purse full of crumbled snacks spilling out of tired plastic baggies. The Boon Penguin Snack Cup (Blue/Grey) lets you keep all their snacks safe and intact while on the go. Its ingenious design keeps snacks separate with two interlocking containers and an extra tall lid to accommodate larger snacks. There’s also a clever spill guard in the snack lid that helps keep treats where they belong (which is not on the floor of your car). The Penguin is great for travel and easy to clean, as it’s top rack dishwasher-safe.

4. Zip Top Reusable Baby + Kid Snack Containers (Set of 4)

The Zip Top Reusable Baby + Kid Snack Container set is designed to fit in little hands and cup holders. The large, soft zippers are easy for little fingers to open and close. Plus, the zippers don’t overlap in the corners like normal zippers, making it super easy to clean. Made of 100% non-toxic platinum silicone that won’t tear or break, these containers are completely free of BPA, lead, PVC, latex and phthalates. Zip Top containers are endlessly reusable and safe for use in the dishwasher (bottom rack too), freezer, and microwave. This set comes with four baby snack containers –  Ideal for snacks on the go, meal prepping, and food storage. A perfect registry gift!

6 of the Best Spill-Proof Snack Cups for Toddlers

5. Stokke Munch Snack Pack

The Stokke Munch Snack Pack includes the essentials for snack time, whether you’re at home or on-the-go in the Stokke® Stroller Snack Tray! Strong and durable, it´s great for outdoor use. The bowl and cup with anti-drip lids are made of high-quality, food-grade silicone. Holding just the right amount for tiny tummies, they´re ergonomic, making them easy for little hands to hold. Best of all, each piece has been designed to encourage self-feeding, making it excellent for use from baby to toddler.

6 of the Best Spill-Proof Snack Cups for Toddlers

6. OXO Tot Flip Top Snack Cup

Tote snacks for tots in the OXO Tot Flip Top Snack Cup. Its petite size and non-slip grips make it easy for little hands to hold. The compact shape is perfect for tucking into a diaper bag or a stroller cup holder for snacks on the go. A generous opening provides easy access to the munchies stored inside, and the lid stays attached so it won't roll into the sandbox and disappear. This cup is also top rack dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean! 

The Takeaway

Snack catchers are incredibly useful whether you're on the move or at home. We all know a quick snack can swiftly transform your toddler's mood from cranky to happy which makes these cups an invaluable parenting tool. By providing a sense of snacking independence, these holders help you maintain your sanity. At ANB Baby, we offer a diverse range of snack holders that cater to different stages of development and various situations. Rest assured, our selection has the perfect product to meet your needs.

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