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Baby Beach Essentials: Must-Haves for Beach Day with Baby

by ANB Baby 08 Jul 2021
Person - Baby Beach Essentials: Must-Haves for Beach Day with Baby

Going to the beach is not only enjoyable for adults but babies as well. Watching your baby wriggle their toes in the soft sand and splashing about in the shallow waves is a joyful experience, and it always helps if you bring along the right baby beach gear for the outing. There are some essentials that you should carry for a beach day with your baby, and we've broken them down in our list below.

Baby Beach Tent

A baby beach tent allows your little one to have their own personal space on the beach. These tents provide protection from UV rays, and they are a great place for your baby to hang out and take a quick nap if they get tired playing on the beach. Veer has a great pop-up tent that is quick and easy to set up. This tent is water-resistant, including the bottom, which prevents your baby from getting wet. The cover also provides UPF 50 sun protection to provide shade for your baby while allowing them to enjoy the sights of the beach.

Beach Bag

A beach bag is extremely important to easily tote around anything your baby might need during the trip, including snacks, diapers, towels, and even a fresh change of clothes. Bogg Bag has a tote bag that is perfect for use on the beach as it is washable with tiny holes to keep the sand out. It is a sturdy and reasonable-sized option that ensures you can carry everything from sunblock to toys.

Baby Beach Hat

While we might enjoy tanning in the sun, babies have very sensitive skin that is easily affected by the sun. Protecting your baby's skin is very important on beach days, which is why you should bring a hat for them with a visor to prevent too much exposure to the sun by keeping them cool and even keeping the sun out of their eyes.

Stroller Sun Shields

A casual stroll on the beach can be highly refreshing for both you and your baby. It might be beneficial to bring a sturdy stroller that can traverse the sandy beach. The harsh sun can still make it difficult for babies to enjoy the ride, which is why a stroller sun shield can be a great way to protect babies from the harsh sun.

Baby Beach Towel

Carrying a towel is a no-brainer for any beach trip, but your child's sensitive skin requires a super soft towel that can dry them off after they are done wading in the water. Stokke's hooded towel is a 100% cotton blend that helps dry your baby faster and fits perfectly on your baby's head, making it essential for every beach trip.

Baby Beach Mat

Carrying a sand-free beach mat, it's perfect for keeping the sand out of your baby's diaper to crawl freely without getting sand stuck all over them, saving cleanup time. The Veer air pad is made with water-resistant material and a sand filtration design that keeps the sand and water away from your baby. At 4.9 lbs. It is sturdy enough to stay put even if there is a sea breeze or your baby moves about on it.


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Baby Beach Essentials: Must-Haves for Beach Day with Baby

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