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Chic, Practical: Why We Love Phil & Teds V2 Poppy High Chair

by Vannessa Rhoades 09 Apr 2023
Chic, Practical: Why We Love Phil & Teds V2 Poppy High Chair

Are you searching for a high chair that looks great, is easy to clean, and offers great value? Look no further than the effortlessly cool and contemporary Phil & Teds V2 Poppy Wood High Chair. This latest model features high-quality wooden legs, a stylish upgrade that makes this high chair an even more beautiful piece of furniture. The modern wooden design fits in any home and offers more modes than you thought possible with its high chair to “my chair” functionality.


Features We Love on the Phil & Teds V2 Poppy Wood High Chair

Phil and Teds entire line of Poppy products are designed to accommodate a family of accessories that maximizes its versatility and longevity, without adding to your floor clutter! Every part of this high chair has been thoughtfully crafted to make it easy to use and built to last.

  • Lightweight and portable. This high chair is light as air at only 7.7 lbs! It’s super easy moving the chair back and forth between the dining room and kitchen.
  • Comfortable for little ones. A smooth plastic shell with cleverly placed drainage holes makes for the easiest clean ever, and a supportive footrest ensures your kid will be sitting comfortably and safely up high for longer!
  • Easy to use tray. More food stays onboard with the ergonomically curved, large wrap-around food tray. And did we mention it’s one-hand removable and dishwasher safe? 
  • Safety-certified and removable dual harness. Cleaning the Phil and Teds Poppy High Chair straps is a breeze! The t-bar design of the active harness straps and the passive harness makes removal super easy for parents, but tough for tots!
  • Built to last. The wooden legs feature a connector cross strap that adds strength and security, so you can rest easy knowing your Poppy will last the test of time. Once the high chair days are over, you can easily convert it to “my chair” mode for years of use!
  • No messy fabric to clean! The high chair is the one piece of baby gear you can be absolutely sure will get messy over and over again. Who wants to deal with a hard-to-manage fabric cover? With the Phil and Teds High Chair Poppy, there’s an aerocore seat liner that’s soft, spongy, and comfortable for your little one. Even better, it’s waterproof, hypoallergenic, non-toxic & fits in your dishwasher plate slot for the easiest deep clean! You can even purchase additional liners in different colors.


What Parents Are Saying About Phil & Teds V2 Poppy High Chair

Take a look at what parents and other caregivers love about this chic, versatile chair!

“This highchair has it all; easy to assemble, easy to clean, and baby sits up nice and tall in it. Our first highchair which was very pricy and got us through 2 kids was never very easy to clean and up until our kids were about one they sat too low in it(they are tall kids too). As a third-time mommy, I appreciate zero fabric on this highchair and zero weird tray or strap connections for grandparents and babysitters to figure out. My husband was not on board with buying a new highchair with our 3rd and probably last baby but now he thinks we should have done it sooner. Great price point and great design!”

“For our second child, we wanted to get something that was easy to clean, especially as she was starting to eat very early. This is great as it is very easy to clean (and we have put it in the dishwasher once already). It is also very stable with a very wide base”

“To be honest, I bought this for my granddaughter. She is the fourth one, so I have already purchased 3 other different chairs, and my daughter, myself, and most importantly my grandbaby LOVES it! We love the shape of the chair, it ‘hugs’ her little body, much better than the other chairs where my grandkids slumped down or leaned to the side in. The chair comes with a harness which helps keep her sitting straight and helps reduce her trying to climb out, like just a seatbelt does. The tray slips on and off, easy for mom or dad to clean, and we all LOVE the fact the chair grows with your child, from highchair to table booster seat. And just as an added bonus, the design looks kind of futuristic. I was really glad and felt lucky to find this chair. Wish I'd found it 4 grandkids ago!

 The Verdict

Highchairs are must-have items, and this one checks all the boxes – no fabric to stain, a simple beautiful aesthetic, built to last, and easy to clean. The Phil & Teds Poppy High Chair in wood is sturdy, practical, and well-made. That makes it a great investment.

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