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Durable, Eco-Friendly: Why We Love Life Factory Baby Bottles

by Vannessa Rhoades 15 Jan 2024
Durable, Eco-Friendly: Why We Love Life Factory Baby Bottles

At ANB Baby, we're committed to providing you with the best products for your little ones. Today, we’re reviewing Life Factory Baby Bottles and nipples, a delightful addition to our collection of essentials for your family. Life Factory, as a brand, stands for quality and a commitment to healthier habits. Their approach, using pure glass and protective silicone, aligns perfectly with our values at ANB Baby. These purposefully designed essentials not only care for your family but also help build a healthier planet by reducing single-use plastic. Here’s why these bottles are some of our favorites.


The Life Factory Glass Baby Bottle: Parents’ Favorite New Sidekick

The Life Factory Glass Baby Bottles are a game-changer for parents looking for durability and functionality. The medical-grade silicone sleeve not only adds a layer of protection but also ensures a non-slip grip, making it perfect for those little hands that are always exploring. The bottles transition seamlessly from freezer to boiling water, providing ultimate flexibility for your busy lifestyle.

Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with Life Factory bottles. All components are dishwasher safe (top rack only), and the silicone sleeve can stay on during the process, saving you time and effort. For those who prefer handwashing, the bottles are easy to wash separately in hot, soapy water. The thoughtful design allows you to keep the sleeve on during boiling or dishwashing, and if you ever need to remove it, warm, soapy water is your best ally.

Durable, Eco-Friendly: Why We Love Life Factory Baby Bottles


Special Features We Love

Let's take a closer look at the Life Factory Glass Baby Bottle features that set it apart:

  • Protective silicone sleeve: This medical-grade sleeve not only provides durability but also a tactile non-slip gripping surface, ensuring a secure hold.
  • Dishwasher safe: The bottles are dishwasher safe, and there's no need to remove the silicone sleeve unless desired, making clean-up a breeze.
  • Materials: All materials, including the polypropylene cap, ring, stopper, and silicone nipple, are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free, ensuring the safety of your little one. Additionally, all materials are FDA-approved.
  • Compatibility: The bottles are compatible with most major breast pumps, adding to the convenience for breastfeeding moms.
  • Nipple options: Life Factory offers nipples in four sizes. There’s Stage 1 (0-3 months), Stage 2 (3-6 months), Stage 3 (6+ months), and Y-cut nipples for the fastest flow. Made of silicone and free from BPS, BPA, and phthalates, these nipples are designed to accompany your little one's everyday adventures. You can even get Lifefactory Sippy Caps that quickly convert 4-oz. and 9-oz. baby bottles into sippy cap bottles as your child grows. Great for toddlers, these sippy caps are leak-resistant and have steady flow control. 


What Parents Are Saying About Life Factory Baby Bottles and Nipples

Take a look at what these families love about their Life Factory glass baby bottle and accessories.

“I have used it for all of my kids to prevent them from plastic exposure and this serves the purpose really well as it is made of glass. The silicone sleeve it comes with is a huge plus which makes me satisfied while handing over it to my kids. A really good and quality purchase for sure.”

“I have the Medela pump I use at work. I am clumsy and understand the saying "Don't cry over spilled milk" with more empathy now. I drop the bottle on the hard floor (peel and stick carpet squares over concrete) more times than I'd like to admit (same with the plastic Medela bottles). So far none have broken. Yes, slightly heavier but worth it for the quality. “

“We tried several types of bottles and these ones are hands down the best. Dishwasher safe, easy to hand clean, and looks great. My baby had the easiest time latching to the nipple shape, and we love that we can use the same bottles through the toddler stages with the bigger nipples and sippy tops.”

The Verdict

Life Factory Glass Baby Bottles are a fantastic choice for parents who value quality, sustainability, and ease of use. At ANB Baby, we’re proud to offer products that align with your values, and Life Factory truly delivers on creating healthier habits for your family. Make every moment count, and let Life Factory be a trusted companion on your parenting journey.

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