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Grow-With-You Features: Why We Love the Boon SIP Sippy Cup

by Vannessa Rhoades 16 Dec 2023

Grow-With-You Features: Why We Love the Boon SIP Sippy Cup

Parents know that finding the right sippy cup for their toddler can be a game-changer in the battle against spills and messes. At ANB Baby, the Boon SIP Sippy Cup caught our attention for its promise to grow with your child and its leak-resistant spout. In this review, we’re taking a closer look into the features that make this cup stand out and what makes it a favorite for both parents and toddlers.


Features We Love on the Boon SIP Sippy Cup

1. Silicone valve for free-flow drinking

One standout feature of the Boon Sippy Cup is the silicone valve that detaches for free-flow drinking. This is a fantastic addition, allowing your child to transition from a sippy cup to a regular cup more seamlessly. We love the versatility and how it easily adapts to your child's changing drinking habits.

2. Removable handles for your child's grasp

The removable handles on this sippy cup are a thoughtful touch. It recognizes that toddlers are at various stages of motor skill development. The handles provide support for beginners but can be easily removed as your child gains confidence in holding the cup independently. It's a small detail that makes a big difference.

3. Soft spout for beginner stages

The Boon SIP Sippy Cup’s soft spout is designed with the beginner stages in mind, making it comfortable for little ones who are just starting to use a sippy cup. The transition from a bottle or breast to a sippy cup can be challenging, and we love Boon's attention to the needs of early drinkers in the design of this cup.

4. Includes cap for on-the-go convenience

The handy included cap just makes the Boon Sippy Cup even more practical! Whether you're heading to the park, on a road trip, or just out for a stroll, the snug Boon Sippy Cup lids and caps ensure that the beverage stays secure and spill-free. It's these little details that make parents' lives easier.

Grow-With-You Features: Why We Love the Boon SIP Sippy Cup

What Parents Love About the Boon SIP Sippy Cup

Take a look at what these families are enjoying about the Boon Sippy Cup.

“My son loved these sippy cups. This brand is amazing!! Recommend to every parent.

“This sippy cup works great, and they have a spill-proof spout. It is one of the only sip cups that my son would use.”

“Good transition cup.”

The Verdict

The Boon Sippy Cup is a cool and practical choice for parents looking for a reliable and versatile sippy cup for their toddlers. The thoughtful features, such as the silicone valve, removable handles, soft spout, and on-the-go cap, make it a standout product in the world of sippy cups. With Boon, you can toast to spill-free sipping and a smoother transition for your little one into independent drinking. Cheers to hassle-free hydration for both parents and toddlers!


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