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Love Cruising with Kids? Try the Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon

by Vannessa Rhoades 25 Mar 2023
Love Cruising with Kids? Try the Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon

The Veer Cruiser is a next-generation premium stroller wagon hybrid. It can be pushed or pulled and features seats with harnesses. Made from high-quality materials and components, the Veer Cruiser’s design handles well on grass and over bumps, offers smooth easy maneuverability, and features a compact folded size. Let’s take a closer look at why we love it.


The Veer Cruiser Features Smooth Steering and Maneuverability

We love how easy it is to operate the Veer Cruiser! When pushing, the large front wheels roll effortlessly over tree roots and bumps better than comparable wagon strollers. Even fully loaded, it pushes easily over grass, steering up and down hills and winding on side hills. It’s able to make a sharp turn from a dead stop with very little force required and requires less force to get it rolling than other wagon strollers.

Excellent Veer Cruiser Folding and Portability

The Cruiser folds easily and compactly and is relatively manageable to lift. The Veer collapses and extends in approximately 20 seconds. When you unfold the wagon stroller to set it up, you’ll hear a satisfying “click” as the slides sturdily lock into place. The Veer fits easily into the trunk of a small car, and you can save additional space by removing the wheels.



The Veer Cruiser Wagon Stroller Offers Top-Notch Kid Comfort and Usability

The Veer seats are breathable and ergonomically designed. The seats don’t recline so your little one probably won’t be able to nap, but the footwell makes sitting a lot more comfortable than other wagons. There is a snap-on tray that connects across the middle between the two seats, along with little plastic cubbies on each side of each seat to provide plenty of snack storage. The cupholders are just the right dimensions for sippy-cup-sized drinks. There are also several mesh pockets sewn into the sides of the interior that are large enough to hold a wipe container. The sides of the Cruiser are low enough for many little ones to climb over unassisted, a big bonus feature from a kid’s point of view. For smaller toddlers, one end of the wagon can be folded down for easier entry.

The Veer Cruiser Is Usable and Comfortable for Parents

Parents also enjoy comfort and ease of use! The handle is comfortable and adjustable from 38 inches to 42 inches which is adequate for most people. The Veer features an optional storage basket that attaches to the front and doesn’t require removal in order to fold or stow the wagon. The Veer Cruiser premium stroller wagon hybrid’s dark grey/black interior plastic seats are simple to wipe clean, while the fabric sides are easy to spot clean. Luckily, there aren’t too many cracks and crevices for crumbs to hide. Dirt from your toddler’s shoes stays handily in the footwell so that little ones don’t have to sit in mud on wet, dirty days.

The Veer Cruiser Is Durable

The frame is crafted from durable welded aluminum. While most stroller wagons have zippers, buttons, or velcro, the Veer Cruiser has none of that, which means there isn’t much to break, tear, or snag. The release buttons for collapsing the sides and handle perform beautifully. The side fabric is sturdy and durable. The axel assemblies feature high-quality ball bearings. The tires are made of polyurethane which typically lasts longer than the EVA foam tires on other wagons.

What Parents Are Saying About the Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon

“Love the Veer soooo much. We have a big dirt hill in the backyard and this goes up and down it without problems. Walks around the neighborhood are also fun, but the beach can be tough. I fully expected that going through soft sand would be challenging no matter what though. It’s very easy to clean, it looks great (we get asked about the Veer constantly), and it fits in the back of our midsize SUV perfectly with room for everything we need for a day out. I do think the price is a bit wild, especially with all the accessories, but the add-ons were necessary to make our daughter comfortable. The canopy + visor + toddler seat were the most important. I fully expect this wagon to last for a long time and to use it for camping & hauling coolers someday. Also, customer service is really knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions, which I really appreciate these days.”

“My son was 3, almost 4 years old when I purchased our Veer Cruiser wagon. He was becoming too big and was uncomfortable for a stroller. We would always go on walks with friends and when we traveled we just didn't like what we had. I wanted a wagon so bad and looked around for months. I finally gave in and purchased the system with the green camp sidewalls and canopies. My family and friends laughed at me when they heard how much I spent on this thing. They asked if it came with a motor lol. I've never been so happy with a purchase before. We went to the beach and this was so convenient pulling in the sand and walking on the boardwalk. We have the basket and plenty of space for our stuff. My son can have a friend to ride with. He is 5 years old and still enjoys riding in the wagon. Eventually, I will have more kids and am excited to use this wagon to replace a stroller. We get soo many compliments on our wagon, every time we pass someone. If you have kids or plan on having more in the future you will love this wagon and won't regret it.”

“This thing is a godsend! I have a toddler and a newborn and this has made going places so much easier. We have the car seat attachment for the newborn and the toddler loves to ride in the wagon. Parades, festivals, the beach, the park, the river, the middle of the woods, you name it, and we have used our Veer. We live on a farm in Oregon and I use it when doing chores as well. The all-terrain capabilities have been tested, and the cruiser passes with flying colors. If I could, I would upload photos of the trials our Veer has been through. I simply hose it down when we get home and it’s still good as new. A close friend is buying one because of how awesome mine is and I am constantly getting asked what kind it is or getting complimented. For anyone concerned about size, I have a VW Jetta and it fits just fine in the trunk once folded down. Also, folding down and setting up is a breeze. My friends with Bob strollers take more time than I do. Seriously, if you are considering a wagon, the Veer is totally worth the bit extra over the competitors.”

The Verdict on the Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon

The Veer Stroller Wagon is adaptable, easy to push or pull, comfortable, and easily collapses for upright, stand-alone storage. It’s crafted from high-quality components that are built to last. We love this stroller wagon for moderate trails, sidewalks, and nearly everything in between. It’s ideal for families searching for a solution other than a traditional stroller or a traditional wagon. We highly recommend this fun, rugged, adaptable stroller wagon.

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