Veer inspires great family fun, connecting parents and children alike to the great outdoors. Because parenting is an everyday adventure, Veer brings a real sense of imagination and exploration with their most popular product, the Veer Wagon Cruiser. A stroller that not only ticks all the boxes when it comes to feel, functionality and safety, but also allows you to reimagine family adventures by comfortably negotiating rougher terrain. Veer also offer their Basecamp and Family Basecamp models, which are described as “the ultimate, safe, shady, insect-free, pop-up refuge for little ones”.

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About Veer

Born out of a father and stroller expert witnessing the struggles of parents pushing infants and toddlers across hilly terrain, Veer not only focuses on mobility, but family fun too. Doing away with conventional stroller designs and functionality, Veer has crafted what they describe as a “rogue, safety-approved, all-terrain vehicle with the prowess to embark active families into a world of outdoor adventure and unlimited fun”. Families can now travel in ease and style over uneven ground, across sidewalks, parks or even much rougher terrain, in their Veer cruisers.

Veer Collection

Born to raise the wild in every child, the Veer collection consists of a stroller-wagon hybrid, which is called the Veer Cruiser Wagon, a pop-up tent for children called the Basecamp and one for the whole family called the Family Basecamp. With a best in class warranty, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re buying a quality product that is robust and made to last. Rest assured your kids will love traveling in the Veer Wagon Cruiser Stroller and as parents, you’ll find it makes traveling almost anywhere, easy. To protect your most precious cargo, all products are ASTM compliant and JPMA certified. Explore the Entire Veer Collection and enjoy free shipping.